Wednesday Marin Tender Tracks Day 14, Feb. 22, 2012

New Moon
Deer Park

Leo was on holiday today which left four children.  I wanted us to go to Deer park and explore up the creek a bit.
Before we even left we sang our Welcoming song led by, as of late, WoHe the Orangutang.   There was talk about the Moon calendar that is up in the bus now and a lot of figuring out who would get what stuffy.  When this was all figured out off we went on our short ride to the park.   In the bus it was decided that Simone would stay Guardian of Safety. She hurt herself right as she arrived today and so it seemed fitting.  Sidona was to find where we would eat, Lenny wanted to stay the Guardian of Directions and Bodhi was very happy to be the Guardian of the People.  I drew them a map of where I was suggesting that we adventure to and Bodhi was delighted.  He had been here with “Pup Pack” and was truly happy to be taking us on an adventure.
Sidona was very happy to take us to where she wanted us to go for lunch, the tree house.  Up they all scrampbled and Sidona first went straight to the place where we last saw mushrooms. She and the others all wound up on the tree house to eat. But then Sidona for some reason thought that there was a Black Widow spider walking on the boards and scampered away to sit very close to me.  I talked much about Black Widows, where they live and the like.  She seemed afraid of many little things like ants too for a short part of the day and then, it all seemed to fall away once we left this place. But first, a story about How Spring is Just Around The Corner and afterwards, off we went to go and see if Spring really WAS around the corner.  Bodhi led the way and into the woods we went.

The trail wound round and round  like a snake  and it was thin.  There was one part that Bodhi felt very uneasy about so I helped him but Sidona, who was up ahead with him, scampered through.   After that Bodhi was like a fast Mt. Goat as he scurred along the path and Lenny complained that this was just too much.  The whole walk was really about ten minutes but Lenny was not feeling that at the time. However, with some support we kept going until we came to this beautiful open area where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon.   I straight away took off my shoes in order to climb better on a big log as well as to bring in a new awareness and possibility of how to connect to the Earth.  Lenny was the most intrigued.  We all went further up the area and I started dragging out long logs with the thought of building a shelter and just seeing where they would take this.  Just then some small feathers were found by Simone and Sidona.  I came to see and we began to pull the duff around and away in order to see if we could find any more clues as to who this bird was and what might have caught it.  Bodhi came over then Lenny came over and then there was pushing away the ground even more.  From that there came building of small houses and wondering if we could make a fire. Then there was a conversation around the safety of fire making and all that is involved in making fires and what the Fire people actually eat when they all get together in a bundle in the woods!!!!

This day was yet another most magickal day of unfolding itself from one wonderful topic and exploration to another.   They each unfolded and unfolded throughout our time together.  Finally, towards the end, Lenny asked me to play my Ocarina, the flute around my neck.  I said how about I play and you dance. Well that didn’t go over so well so then I suggested they be different animals with the music.  As I played, little by little not only did they become animals but they all began to climb up the big log that I first climbed on when we got there embodying different animals.   Then the music went on and so did the expression of different creatures and different tempos, rhythms and pace.  I then brought out my bigger flute as Simone wanted more music and here she danced and danced as an Elephant and the rest were marvelous different animals.  Unfortunately we really had to go but right then Sidona came up with a great game: I play the music, one child acts out an animal and the rest of us guess what animal they are.  Since we had to leave we put this game up on an imaginary board to remember it for our next time together.

We spent a lot of the day playing with our imaginations and by the end of the day, and as we were walking back, Sidona and Simone decided that I has been kidnapped and was no longer me but a bad guy. But then, low and behold, they became the wicked witches of the East and were DASTERDLY!  Well they kept that up the entire ride home and the boys were not so sure about all this. It seemed that they really wanted them to come back to their regular selves!

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