Wendolyn Bird consults with Nature Based schools, Directors, Staff & Parents wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the children they work with/raise as well as learning how to implement Nature’s Wisdom to provide greater ease & well being for the adult and the child in their day to day life and learning.

Full or half day trainings are available, as well as ongoing courses. Below is a list of some topics and classes that have been of interest.  Whatever your challenges are, they can be met with support, guidance and practices to assist in finding greater ease and confidence:

  • Discipline: Being able to read the need of the child & learning certain words, phrases, styles & more that make trouble so much easier and effective
  • Understanding the developmental nature of a preschooler up to 12 years of age & why this is a game changer for discipline challenges
  • How to communicate with children so life long healthy skills are developed
  • How simplifying decreases social challenges, aggression & increases calmness & ease within child & adult
  • Staff & co workers communication skills
  • Consulting on what to look for when hiring staff
  • Parenting & Teacher challenges: discipline, tantrums, fears, death, aggression, shyness, social immaturity…
  • Simple ways that play and nature can facilitate problem solving, deductive reasoning and healthy self-esteem
  • How tapping into your own ‘inner child’ can help you understand the world through the eyes of your children – a world of awe, wonder, imagination and curiosity.
    Some Class titles:
  • Transforming Troubles into Treasures
  • Essential Heart: Utilizing Natures Wisdom for Stability & Flow
  • Stories, Songs & Adventures that deepen Nature Connection
  • Integrating Natures 3 Foundational Principles for a healthy home & nature based school

To learn more please contact Wendolyn at .