In the days of old, in a time so far away and not so far away at all, all people were surrounded by and with the natural rhythms of life. Animals died and animals were born right in front of their eyes. Grandparents that lived in the home would die and everyone would come together to remember them with tears and laughter, hugs and warmth. The beloved doll that was given and then torn apart by the sheep dog and the outgrown beloved coat no longer able to be worn was mourned, remembered, cherished and finally let go of. Death was as natural and accepted as birth.

The Sun went to bed early, the night arose earlier, fear of the Light never returning came and great celebrations were partaken of to find solace in such times. These were natural adventures that all new were just that, Natural.

Where has that time gone? What has brought us to fear speaking about the cat that just died or the neighbor next door who passed away? I have yet to meet a child that was actually scared of embracing all of this when presented to them in a natural, calm, caring and loving way. The key word here is Natural.

Below are a few ideas to play with in order to explore how death, and birth, lives in your body, heart, mind, and emotions. I offer these explorations with the intention that they will aid you in finding your greater feelings about Death and in turn that will aid you in supporting your young one(s) as they too explore the natural experiences of death. As they naturally experience birth/life.

osprey catching fish

Nature Awareness Game:

  • Bring your awareness during a day to what your child wants and then cannot have — this is a type of death for them
  • Notice at the dinner table what you all are eating — something has died to feed you
  • Notice if you use the word die/death during the day. Example: That ice cream was “to die for.”
  • Bring your awareness to the life around you and how that feels

And, if you wish, add a Welcoming Spirit to this all.

In the Spirit of Play, Have Fun.

Death and Birth, Birth and Death, The Circle of Life.

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    • Wendolyn
      Wendolyn says:

      Thank you for responding Sarah. It is a very touchy subject for some therefore I really appreciate you responding.


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