Tender Tracks Wednesday Day 26

April 3, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon
Wild Care

What a most fun day.  Everyone was here, the sky was a color that made Gideon think that there were fires all around.  The other children said there were not and then we did the sniff test as the sky did indeed have the same look and color to when the fires were in the air. It turned out, there were no fires yet validation for the matching color of what it looks like when there is.

First thing in the morning, when they came in the bus, most of them had so much to say!!! We took our time and heard the many wonders that they wished to share, got our stuffed animals and then, away we went.  When we got to Wild Care where we parked, we got out, looked at the creek near by, sang a Good Morning Song, ate a little snack and then made our way over to the Wild Care Center.

When we got inside there was a large group there.  We stayed behind them and found the Pelicans who were so very mesmerizing and fascinating to watch. We were then told the the Opossum was going to be shown inside. We went in, needed to move a couple of times for the other, paying, group:) and then became enthralled with this magical creature.

After a bit of that though we took them outside as the conversation was geared more towards older children.  All around we went seeing the many wonderful creatures that live there.  I think the most fun though was the Red Squirrel that seemed to feel the alive and lovingness of the children.  They stood right up to the squirrels fence and then the Squirrel gave them a little show. He/She? ran all over the fence in front of them and then they followed laughing and laughing.  I then sang very quietly a Squirrel song to it and it came right over and ate a nut just like the song talked about!  Nathan really liked that! They were delighted with the LARGE Pelican and the other Pelican as they spent more time with them. They really liked the Turkey Vulture as we have two stuffed animal Turkey Vultures.

When we went back inside they found the Dr. tools and the stuffed animals. I am afraid I got SOOO sick and they all came to my rescue with tweezers, blood pressure cuffs, syringes and the like.  We then gathered around the floor rug and I told them a story which led us back outside. All the other children were gone and we ate lunch at the picnic table there.

As we did so, one of the very nice workers there brought out the Desert Tortoise named Mohave. There he ate, and we ate, they left there lunch for a bit to hear her talk about it and then went back to their lunch. They all ate with the Tortoise together.  After lunch they followed the tortoise as he was all warmed up now and ready to move about. And, they got to pet him but then, THEY ALL  began to walk like a tortoise and eat like one.  Gideon started this at lunch and was VERY GOOD at it!!

We just had so much fun there. We then made our way back to the bus and Ruby told lot’s of stories back to the park. We went down to the creek and had such a fine time there playing, singing our good bye song, giving our thank you’s and then off with Mom’s, Dad’s and Nannies.

A fun filled day before Holiday.


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