Tender Tracks Wednesday Day 21

March 1, 2017
Waxing crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a beautiful day. Everyone was here today and the SUN was shinning!!  Last week we were so very, very cold and today it was warm, comfortable and just fun.
The children were sweet, playful, and delighted with the day.

At circle time we sang our bi monthly song to the Moon that was New two nights ago, plus two new gentle songs for the budding season.   Then, we heard the story from last week about Spring being just around the corner.  This sunk in and all day they were looking for the Spring. Ruthie every time she found a flower she would say “Look, Spring!”  Susie gathered flowers for her Mother throughout the day with absolute delight.  Oliver and Puma chased the blue butterflies in, truly a very fun way.  And Jasper, he was playing with Vita, Oliver and Puma.

We took a long walk around part of Bon Tempe lake beginning at the Lake Lagunitas parking lot. We went beyond where we have gone in the past so that we could be in the sun. I was walking with Ruthie , Oliver and Avaline. We played many hide and go seek games along the way,found different flowers and enjoyed the walk.  When we were at the top of the trail looking down at the lake there were the rest of our friends sitting on the edge of the lake quietly taking in the sights and sounds.  We thought they were fishing so we came down quickly to join.  But alas it was as described so, we joined them.  But then Puma got fascinated by the small blue butterflies and he went romping about trying to catch them.  Oliver joined.  I suggested they get some lake water on their hands, sit very still and see if they would alight upon them.  The Butterflies almost did but, sitting still is not as easy as they thought:)

Ruthie had a stumble into the water. Linda went right over, got her up and changed her clothes. I used the word startled and she said “no, I was scared.” So more cuddles for her.

I played my little flute as background music and they wanted more so I played music of fire, Avaline’s request, and then music for the air, water, and Earth.

When it was time to leave I was still with Ruthie, Oliver and Avaline and Linda with Puma, Susie, Jasper and Vita.  It seems that today was a bit of a tumbly day as Avaline fell and scraped her knew , Susie fell and bumped her lip and Jasper fell down too.  They all wound up all right but again, quite a few tumbles for one day.

In the bus we had our thank you’s and many of the stuffed animals the children were holding were the ones that shared the thank you’s!!

The children, each and everyone of them are maturing, growing and changing each week.  And this is so very fun to be apart of !

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