Tender Tracks Wednesday Day 1

September 12, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What an absolutely special first day of school. Mom’s and Dad’s came and it was so beautiful. Nelly’s Mom was not able to come and, no matter, Nelly did absolutely GREAT! What a joy she is. And, what a joy the entire group is. They got right on the bus and were so very delightful laughing and playing together while we drove.

The whole day the children were simply joyful and filled with curiosity, presence, and exploration. Nic, thank you for trying to get those Crawdads!! That was GREAT fun!!

Ruby and I simply appreciated you all and your children so much. They all appeared to be very happy to be at Tender Tracks AND enjoying the adventure on the bus.

We look forward to next week beginning our journey of settling in and getting to know each other and the land together as a wonder-filled little group!

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