Tender Tracks Wed. Day 9

Nov. 8, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a cool/cold, gray, not yet raining, yet alive and vital day!  The children were more settled than last week and came happy and ready for the day.

My focus and intention was to make sure that THIS WEEK they got to paint with their paint brushes so, we had a story that was a new version that I created from an original story called Fredrick the Mouse, that some of you may know.  The version I created was more inclusive and focusing on Fredrick the mouse gathering colors for everyone to paint with during the gray, cold and cloudy days of winter.
And, how wonderful that the sky truly showed it’s gray Autumn/winter day to match the tale for us!

On this day the children basically had a GRAND time exploring the creek. As a matter of fact, Holden and Aemon loved it so much, and so early on that, they actually slipped in enough to where clothes needed to be  changed BEFORE circle time. So, while they were doing that we began our circle time. They got back just in time for snack!

After circle they immediately scattered out to play. They discovered the culvert near us and more rocks to pound and play with.

This entry however, is going to be extremely short, my appologies,  accept to say that there were pee parties, finding the right bushes, hide and go seek, discovering different kinds of rocks, changing some clothes, again, and then, going to one of the picnic tables and painting!!!
They had three colors of rock paint: red, blue and yellow.  I brought in what we might remember from the story that was heard the last two weeks because some wanted other colors. So, they began to combine the colors to see what would happen!!

Then, clean up, running, laughing and into the bus we went.

I look forward to getting the photos up for you so you can see some of this day by the end of Thanksgiving holiday!

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