Tender Tracks Wed. Day 9

Nov. 7, 2018
Sorich Open Space
New Moon

Everyone was here and we had a friend come to visit us to whom most of the children took to well.  I say most because some were not so sure about having someone they did not know come with us.  However, she was very gentle, warm and kind and by days end all was well and this new friend was welcomed in. 🙂

The weather was warm yet on this day, however, different from the days of late as there was a sweet and welcoming breeze to ease the strong warmth of the Sun. The weather of the children was alive, full of childhood energy and strength in their bodies.

At Sorich there is a big rock with which the children LOVED and kept climbing up and down and up and down and up and down.  We are happy to see this because it was clear that they were ready to take the big hike up to the “Fort rock” that we hoped they would be ready to go on.

So, after circle and a little more play, off we went. We found a beautiful Fig tree with some nice ripe figs that some took to. We found fresh fennel to nibble on and Nelly found the tufts of the Soap root sticking out of the ground with her great curiosity.
When we got to the BIG  hill most of them became Bears and, with all four legs climbed up and up this hill to then find a little bit of shade before the last small leg of our journey. And there, well there we found the rock, a swing, hiddy places, bouncy trees, taking turns with the swing and finally, what they all really wanted after such a hike, LUNCH!

We ate together with delight and then, back to the play.  Sharing the swing initially had some rough spots but after Ruby aided them through that, the rest of the day they were able to regulate themselves very, very well and shared with great ease.

Beau really tested his ability to climb out up on a tree connected to the big rock and was delighted that he could do it.  Nelly had a grand time finding so many plant wonders and, she is very strong!!! The swing is such that there are two handles to hold onto. The children lift their legs by the strength of their arms and swing. This small little girl swung like a Mighty Monkey of the Jungle!
Ellery grew strong by way of making it through the areas she felt were very hard and by days end she had the biggest and most proud of smiles from all that she succeeded at.  Sienna was just plain happy and delighted in the hike and swings.  Gideon, well, Gideon LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, to hike, climb and anything like that.  When he was waiting for his turn for the swings he figured out how to roll down the hill.  He turned into a little dust baby, however, which we felt a need to curtail a bit as the dust became more than our noses could tend to. 🙂
Nathan was Nathan, content, happy, participating, taking turns, climbing high, climbing low, smiling, sharing and delighting in all that came his way.  Rohin, with his wawrm, tender and beautifu innocence enjoyed taking turns on the swing.  I enjoyed watching him want to swing on that swing too! Every time one person was done he would rush in for a turn.  When it was said whose turn it was, he easily pulled back waiting for that child to leave and do the same only to hear it wasn’t quite his turn yet. No matter to him, he gently waited and then delighted when it was finally his turn. He also was a grand trooper with going up and down this very large hill!   Addie was one who initially was not content with having a new person with us.  She eased into her though and, as stated, by days end she had acclimated to this new friend.  As for the rest of the day, she was strong, connected and engaged with her usual smile.

It was such a sweet, sweet, sweet day!  Smooth and sweet like a gentle sprinday. .

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