Tender Tracks Wed. Day 8

Oct. 31, 2018
Roy’s Redwoods
Waning Last Quarter Moon

Addie and Gideon were absent and Ellery met up with us at about 10 am.

What another sweet and fun day.  The children came with gentle and playful aliveness. They were ready for the day so off we went to Roy’s Redwoods, a place where, though warm outside of the trees, underneath the trees it was cold! So, when we got there mittens went on all, zipped up coats and hoods put on and then off they went.

We all played on the lower bouncy tree there. Everyone got on and Ruby and I bounced them up and down and up and down and up and down with songs and laughter until we got off and went to circle.  There they had a fun little snack and story which afterward, those that were not able to be at the Festival on Sunday, painted their capes and Ruby painted most of their faces.  Oh, how happy they all were !!  They ran ALL around and around and around in their flying capes.  All that is accept Ellery and Beau. They did not want to wear them. However, this did not curtail their full flying abilities!!  Oh, such sights I wish you could have seen!!!

We packed up and with the magick capes, painted faces and the wonder of this magickal day, off we went into the Wild Wonders of the Forest.  The Tall Standing Tree people were fine Guardians for us. Always present and looking out for us.  Each step we took we found wonders and treasures. Ellery kept finding so many great places to play in.  Sienna enjoyed just exploring. Rohin was delighted with his flying cape and running. Nathan, was the same, flying with his cape and immersed in the adventure.  Nelly was so very present and alive with everything, laughing, exploring and running about and Beau, he was his usual happy, delighted self until his battery began to run down shortly after lunch. 🙂  No worries, a little lap time and snuggles ended the day nicely right before we walked back.

Earlier, as we walked through the forest, some were getting hungry. “When/where are we going to eat lunch?” We carried on until WE FOUND OUR PLACE! Lunch was forgotten about though for a bit as they scattered, to now, familiar areas. But then, to lunch circle they came.

Afterward, there was taking turns on the bouncy tree, playing all around the huge Redwood Cathedral, noticing the beauty of the red Guardian Oak/Poison Oak, and being reminded of staying clear of this beauty.

They enjoyed the Sunny shortcut way back to the bus and then, back to the park we went.

Ahhh, a sweet and glorious Halloween day adventure. However, it was made clear to us that Halloween is NOT the day but rather when they go to their evening celebrations!! 🙂

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