Tender Tracks Wed. Day 8

Nov. 1, 2017
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Everyone was here!  For the first time in weeks. So yeah for that! Linda was here to substitute for Ruby and she flowed quite well.

At the end of the day debrief it seemed very clear that yesterday was Halloween celebrations. Though they are an active group we have yet to have such scattered, jumpy, bumby, tumbly, and rumblies.  🙂 Don’t get me wrong, the day was full and fun, it just had that over excited amp to it. Outside of that, we stayed in one place and the day whizzed by to the point that we were not able to do one of the things I had desired to share with them: receiving their paint brushes and painting with them. But no worries, next week is another day!!!

We got out of the bus and made our way to the sunny part of the area way at the end and past the picnic tables and right near their favorite Redwood Play tree.
Here are some play highlights:
•Cole and Violet making gifts for each other and finding a great new friendship.
•Cole being very happy that he could help Luna at the end of the day unbuckle her backpack.
• Ellie Turtle loving climbing up in a particular spot in a tree. At first she got nervous about getting out of it or someone trying to get in this spot and she falling down. But after a few times climbing in and out she relaxed more and more and was just so content in there.
• Ellie Acorn shared that she really, at both schools, only plays with her brother.  When she came with Uma, Luna,Ashley and I to help Luna change her wet pants Uma wanted to play with her. She said she didn’t want to. It was here that I probed a bit about who she plays with and she told me the above. I then shared how much Uma wanted to play with her and, if she changed her mind and wanted to play with her, would she let her know. She said she would.  Then throughout the day after that there was more and more connections and fun being made between she and the other girls. Yeah!
• Aemon and Holden were more involved in being the bosom buddies that they are. They were today though, more than any other day, FILLED with more of the scattered, rambunctious and sibling type behavior with each other.  They were easily worked with but it was just more than we have experienced so far.
• Uma was happy, happy, happy playing, changing clothes, running around, twirling, playing with others and immersed in the day.
• Luna seemed to have some of that Halloween excited fatigue. This showed up by being quite sensitive about things that she has not been so about before.  Her tears came easily and, at times, she had a stupper about her.  Halloween over load????.  Yet, she still was her delightful and dreamy self.
•Violet shared that she still was a bit under the weather and we heard her cough to prove it but she was peaceful and truly enjoying her time with Cole and other aspects of the day.
•Ashley was her usual self, happy to be with the other children, engaged and open for whatever was going on.

The things they did:

LOVED playing Hide and Go Seek!  Loved playing in their Redwood House. Loved RUNNING all around!!
They all lined up and watched as I took out the cook stove and roasted some Pumpkin seeds from our Sunday pumpkins. They really liked eating them too!!  Particularly Cole and Ashley.
There were porta potty times for Aemon with Linda to go poop, many Pee Parties with Uma, Luna, Ashley, Ellie, oh well All the children.  They have all gotten quite good at going when they need to yet there is still more help needed for the girls. It is SO tricky at times for girls to not get some of their clothes wet! So changing parties too were had.
Circle time with new songs, and a lunch that happened at noon which then took so long we had to not fully finish lunch in order to pack up and get to the bus.

The day truly flew by. Yet, in it’s flurry, there was so much that filled the day with a story at lunch about Turtle, Rabbit, Frog, Raccoon and Dark Eyed Junco. And, who did we get to silently watch while we eating and talking about?  Yes, Dark Eyed Junco!!!!  The little bird who wears a black hood over it’s head and finds little seeds on the ground to eat.


Dark Eyed Junco wallpaper 33741

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  1. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    Love it!! Happy to hear that my girl is happy, happy, happy again at Tender Tracks. I’m detecting a delightful trend…. Uma and I like to talk about the Dark Eyed Junko (so fun to say). Love that you’re making friends with it at Tender Tracks. What sound does the Dark Eyed Junko make?


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