Tender Tracks Wed. Day 7

Oct. 26, 2016
Waning Moon
Alpine Lake

Linda was sick today and we all sent her love and thoughts of speedy recovery from our hearts and then sent ourselves warmth and love as happy sprinkles all over ourselves.

The day before it rained all day but today, it was bright and warm like a Spring day. I thought we would go to Alpine lake because of it’s beauty with it’s water and the places where the turtles are but….when we got there there was NO water!!!! Well at least only little puddles. It was actually quite beautiful though. As soon as they got out of the bus their little bodies ran down to the dry lake and found some small ponds/puddles of water.

I thought it best though that before they got completely covered in water and mud that circle should take place so, back up we came and sat for circle.
I had the same short story and they were still enthralled as the little (felted) mouse was loved by the (felted) Mother Earth and the the mouse found a home in this beautiful (felted) Pumpkin. We then had pumpkin muffins!

They were far more alive and bright today then last week. Maybe the sun?! Avaline seemed a bit under the weather though throughout the day. She said her brain wouldn’t let her sleep much last night. She really wanted to bring some kind of gift home to Mom through out the day and found several different treasures for her.

We all finally made it down to the water and from there…Puma became Mud Boy. Or actually he said he was wearing Mud clothes. At first he and Oliver were trying to climb up this big muddy slippy side of a little hill. They would go up and slip down go, up and slip down. Puma finally decided to just plop into the water. It was a build up to this and when he finally did he was like a pig in heaven! He painted himself with mud for a long time laughing and having such a good time. Oliver was really working at crossing the creek that felt deep for him but he REALLY wanted to do it like the others. Ruthie was also in pig heaven. She didn’t get really muddy like Puma but she went right into the water. She kept saying “look at me” or “look at me I;m over here.” She was delighted about “planting” a stick and sometimes two in the water and seeing how it did not fall down. Vita and Jasper were having a grand time sitting and watching, playing with the mud and such until Vita no longer wanted to play with Jasper. He has grown quickly because even though he was still quite sad about this he really was doing so much better and having a far easier time of it all. He also came today brighter, more talkative and engaging then ever before. And, he ate his entire large sandwich at lunch with NO prompting!! It was a delight to listen to him share in the bus, and in our circles and hear his great laugh. During the last part of the day he and Vita got into struggles over who was going to sit on a post that was part of a fence they were all playing on. With some assistance they figured it out and with no one getting hurt. He did have quite a mad/angry face and Vita did as well. In the end they were still friends and sharing. Phew! 🙂

Avaline, as I said, seemed a bit under the weather be it missing mom or feeling sick so when she slipped a couple of times she went right into my lap and cuddled up. This happened two or three times where we just sat and cuddled while the others played. Susie was in happy form and playing all around but by days end she said she didn’t really like water. So, she did not get really into it but she did play all around it with much joy. Everyone’s hands were covered in mud so it was time to go back, clean their hands, change some clothes and take the time needed to do all this for lunch time.

We therefore had our first Tender Tracks Changing party. I brought out all the bags and helped each one of them while they also helped themselves get undressed and then dressed. After doing all of that I had set up lunch circle when Vita had to go poop so, the children started to eat and I finished up with Vita on the Tender Tracks little porcelain potty ( that was mine when I was a little one!)
We of course had all washed our hands, ate and then went to play again. Then, Oliver, used the potty and then Jasper used the potty and Ruthie loved to watch it all. They were all fascinated by this whole process and curious about each others poop. Quite a typical phenomenon!

For the rest of our time together they got on the fence and pretended that it was either a train or a horse. I played my flute, that I keep in my backpack, with different songs for them and they all had such a good time of it playing on this grand train/horse. Then we all grabbed our backpacks, I brought everything else in and off we went but not before our great thank you’s were given.

It was indeed a beautiful and easeful day. And, I was delighted that they all worked together so well and were so easy with knowing that we really needed to stay together and work together.

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