Tender Tracks Wed. Day 7

Oct. 24, 2018
Lake Lagunitas
Full Moon

Rohin was absent today.

The children came happy yet there was a kind of quiet subdued quality. Not a depressed sensation just a quiet happiness.  Beau, however, was NOT wanting Mom to go.  After some sweet time where she helped him get ready for her to go, we did leave but wait, not five minutes into the drive he was asleep! Oh dear, so early in the morning? He might very well be getting sick we thought. We called Mom and thought she should get him. But… he woke up! and, he was, FINE!! 🙂 A call back to Mom, she gave a kind laugh, didn’t come get him and he played all day with a lot of joy and delight!
Beau, it turns out, had woken at 4 am. and another..:)

He and Nathan and Gideon were “Bad Guys” a good lot of the day. However, Ruby and I agreed that they were the NICEST Bad Guys that you have ever met.  They dug a lot with their sticks and liked it. They did chase the girls quite a bit and Ellory was NOT happy about that.  Beau just didn’t quite get it as he really just wanted to chase.  Sounds like a cat or a dog to me. 🙂
I asked them if I could chase them, Gideon, Beau and Nathan, and they said, “No.” I think it was simply far more fun to chase the girls that would scream and run…

Nelly had a small fall into the cold water in the Horse trough that they all play at and was quite startled but then after the initial shock of the unexpected, she and Ruby went off to go get her shirt changed.  She was easy going about it after that initial surprise.
The girls spent a good lot of the day playing house and all loving playing with each other.
Ellory wanted to be with her dearest friend Sienna a lot and Sienna has such an ease with saying when she does and does not want to play with her. Sienna is so very inclusive. Throughout the day she would do just that, include the other children in play and admiration.
Addie was her usual happy, playful and good-natured self. She really liked having her backpack want to eat up her lunch. So, both Ruby and I wound up playing the game of her tosing her lunch boxes into the backpack and it making a growling type of noise. She loved this!

The children continued as before, moving like a beautiful flight of birds in perfect synchrony and harmony, then breaking off into little subgroups and then coming back together.

I was taking Beau and Nathan to clean a bucket for some new redwood cones to put into when all of a sudden all the other children wound up coming down with us. Then all of us were together again, then moving into different groups, some by the water some still with Ruby and the bucket of Redwood cones.  Then back up for lunch.

Right before lunch though, we all gathered around a big covered pot. What was in it??? Together with all our hands together we played music on it’s top with a gentle drumming and singing and then, we opened the top. What was there? Beautiful pinky/red water.  One by one they took white capes and slowly, slowly watched the white go away and pink/red color take it’s place as they stirred it with a stick. Then, they really wanted to see their hands change color so they put their hands in the water and played with that for a while. They loved changing the color of their skin!!

Gideon was mesmerized by the feeling and sensations of the water and the seeds upon his hand. He loved it and played with this in many different ways.

On the way home I brought them into a little dream time meditation and they were all so present for this fun and, they found all sorts of lovely worlds in this dream time place that they then shared. And then, it was quiet, quiet, mostly, as we drove back. AHHHHhhhhhhhhhh.:)

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