Tender Tracks Wed. Day 7

Oct. 25, 2017
Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwood

Uma, Holden & Violet were all absent today.
Ellie Muenzen’s Grandmother came to be with us all day. That was a delight! And Sandy, one of our Substitutes for Ruby, was here too.  The children welcomed her in with much ease. I was delighted with that.  And she knew Luna from before she was ever born having had her older sister in a school that she taught at. 🙂

This was just another delightful day.
Luna was filled with dance and her happy, happy self.  Her joy is contagious.
I thought Aemon might have a hard time if Holden wasn’t there. At the very beginning, he said he missed him yet the rest of the day he was just fine!  He had a grand time playing and exploring the day and the group.
Ellie Acorn spent a lot of time with Grandma for the first part of the day yet then joined in with the others the second half.  Ellie Turtle was in great spirits; happy, smiling, and fully engaged. She is rather adventurous and up for doing things that others might not want to do like, going into the dark tree hole to see what might be there! Ashley and she had a fine time playing together and Ashley is just so ready each day to play, and explore the natural world.  Cole was back for his first day since week 2 and was ready and alive filled with play and presence!

The day was sweet with a story about How the Rainbow Came to Be and how the world now has color!  The children had a task today: Find a straight stick a little longer than your hand and about pinky thickness, for me to make them a paint brush. I shared with them that we will make the brushes next week and we will make paint from rocks to paint with. Paint from Rocks???? Yes indeed.

They had fun running around finding the right sticks. I was amazed how fast they ALL got into this and did it in short order!! This group is just too fun, present, ready and raring to go with all that is presented to them!

When we first got there the spot I typically set up for circle was taken by a group of teenagers so we moved on to another spot not far away. I have not used it for this before but the children took to it straight away, walking on logs and such to get there.  We never left this area the entire day.

There are many Redwoods trees there that have wonderful hidy places.  This is where Ellie Turtle was happy to go right into these darkened places and check them out along with Aemon. Everyone else was slow to try it until those two did.

The day was simply filled with explorations of the area, listening and seeing small birds around us, gathering, playing, laughing, listening to stories, and then, finding Doors!  Yes, doors come in all sizes and for all manner of beings.  Some of them found big doors like at the Redwood Trees, others find doors that would be grand for fairies while others found doors that a teeny tiny little bug would use.  They looked under, near, and around logs. They looked in the grasses and the dead trees with little holes in them. We searched all around to find such magical places where different creatures and beings may live

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