Tender Tracks Wed. Day 6 (missed day 5 due to the fires)

Oct. 18, 2017
Waning Crescent Moon
Sorich Park

Ellie Turtle, Uma, Cole, and Violet were absent today and the rest of us just had a very grand time. And, what a beautiful day it was. The Air Quality seemed to be as good as it might get for a while. At Sorich it seemed even better than Fairfax, just a couple miles down the road.

Aemon returned after being gone for the past three weeks and, he did GREAT!  Actually better than before he left. He was filled with so much fun, smiles, and joy throughout the day.

The children had never been here so they had fun just getting out, running around and checking it all out.  Ellie Acorn stayed content with Ruby or I as we set up circle. Holden scrambled up the big rock and Aemon close behind. At first Aemon was afraid to climb up this big rock yet, with a little help and encouragement, he began to get the hang of it and was having a great time!  Holden was just in full ease and joy.  Ashley and Luna became great friends today and just had so much fun together running and running and running. Luna wanted to show me many times how fast she could run so she went up and down and up and down this little mound near by.  The delight was seeing how very happy she was with this great speed that she has obtained.
Ellie decided that she wanted to make a go of this big rock. She also made it clear, about  all the things, that she can do it on her own. “My Mom lets me do all these things by myself.”  ” I can do it! :)”

And it is and was true, she can do it all and with such fun, ease and joy.

We all finally came together for a sweet little circle.  What was most fun is how much they love the 5 little pumpkins sittin on the fence a witch came flying by song!  We sang it many times throughout the day.
After our circle we found a beautiful fig tree. There was one or two ripe figs to try. Aemon was the only one that really wanted to eat it but then Ruby found another one with Lot’s! of Figs. She brought them over and YUMMMMMMMM  they were so delicious.

We then headed off to the little farm down the road.  But first, we must do our silly walks. Each one found their silliest walk and down the road we went with that!  When we made it to Drapers Farm where the chickens and a big garden is, who should we find but Ellie Turtle with her other class. That is why she didn’t make it as they were going to see bees and such.  She was happy to see us all and wanted to stay but was not able to. So, after some hellos and then goodbyes off she went and to the chickens we did go.  The children LOVED seeing these chickens eating all the gourds that were in there for them.

We went through the garden and there was eating and eating and we really shouldn’t have been eating that much so it seemed we better get them to eat THEIR food. We went to the fine benches and table there and had a very beautiful lunch.  And then, grand fun commenced.

There was stalking up on each other and jumping out and saying BOO!! There was Ruby chasing them, Ellie finding a  stone Rooster to climb onto, more chasing, running, laughing and discovering and then, oh dear, time to go back.

When we got back they wound up checking out the fig tree and picking, picking, picking. But Holden fell into the berry bushes and got hurt, Ruby loved him up and then, his dear friend Aemon was encouraged to hold his hand. When that happened a deep sigh of ease came. His dear buddy was there with him and then, all was right with the world.

Ruby and I just laugh with utter joy throughout the day with delight over being with each and every one of your children. They are precious, precious, precious!

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