Tender Tracks Wed. Day 5

Oct 12, 2016
Waxing Moon
Sorich Open Space

Today was supposed to be over cast and cold but, IT WASN’T! The winds were gentle with coolness yet really it was quite warm. This is one of the reasons I often choose this place though because it will always be much warmer then other places.
Most of the children have never been here before and when they got out they discovered the Big Rock. It is a great rock for climbing and, that is just what they did! Jasper, when up at the top yelled with full glee “Look at me!!!!” Puma and Oliver were the first to climb to the tip top and sit at the top so very happy. There were however “monsters”they said, down below. Puma after awhile defeated them and we were all left very safe and sound. Phew! Susie did not think that she could climb up the rock. “This rock is really big” she continued to say but in truth, SHE COULD! with just a little help she made it up with ease and back down again. She was very delighted with herself too! Vita and Jasper loved having their shoes off a good part of the day and played together so joyfully. Ruthie discovered logs laying down and immediately went to them to practice walking across them without falling off and Avaline was playing in all the areas I mentioned.

Puma had to go poop so I offered him the schools little porcelain potty, the one I used when I was little. He didn’t want to use it because he thought that if his poop was too big it just wouldn’t work so we should just dig a hole, which he could “do by himself.” We dug most of the hole when Avaline came over and said she had to poop. She sat right down on the little pottie without a hitch. Puma however wanted a great deal of privacy so, after Avaline was done she and I walked to a different spot. She ran to the other kids and Linda and I waited. He was soon finished, cleaned up, poop dug over and off we went.

Circle time was beautiful and pretty much all of them sing all the songs, with glee actually. I say this because I have had many years where the children don’t really like to sing or won’t like last year. So this is very, very fun that we are all singing together. The story was the same and they were still so very present as the point of repetition is to deepen the “teachings” of the story to a deeper part of their being.

After wards they played a bit and oh yes, while I was with Avaline and Puma the children found a great Fig tree for climbing. Linda found a few rip Figs and they all ate them. She shared that Jasper gobbled them up as much as was offered.

We then all gathered our things and walked down the road to the Farm near by. Susie goes every week we were told and when we got there she even ran into a friend of hers that she sees there all the time.

We first went to the chickens and roosters which the children just loved! Then we explored the tomatoes, squashes and Avaline LOVED picking the peppers, a lot of them!!! Ruthie liked picking the tomatoes and sticking her fingers into them. Oliver just liked picking the tomatoes. Susie liked Eating the tomatoes but not Puma or Vita. I shook an apple tree there with the last of the apples. One small one tumbled down and the children ate what was available of that. We then made a circle near the chickens and ate lunch by the singing Rooster! We then packed up and made our way home.

There was much hand holding on this walk and then holding someone else’s hand and then six at a time holding hands, that included Linda as I was with two others and then, we made it to Juniper Rose. A beauty filled day for sure!
Oh but one more thing, Susie had fallen and scraped her knee. As she sat right near Linda, I got the first aid kit out and all the children came around to see if she was ok. It was nice to be so loved by these new friends. And, we played a good amount of games to aid them in continuing to learn each others names too.

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