Tender Tracks Wed. Day 5

Oct. 10, 2018
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today felt like they have really dropped in, settled into the rhythms and patterns of Tender Tracks. They all came in with a peaceful and easy demeanor and that never shifted throughout our day.

When we got to Lake Lagunitas we went to the “Sunny Circle” in the upper meadow area of our area that we always go to. There they found a “second” backpack tree for them.
Here we are in the same place yet with a different vantage point of the places that we have been exploring and playing with so far.

And so, they explored, adventured, and discovered this new area until they were called into cirle.
They are already so entrained to the rhythms of our day that when they see one person come in to circle they then all follow. Ruby and I then need to do little in order to bring them in.

They are so very present with singing the songs. During story they were transfixed as the tale was about a Turtle who got scared and then found his way back to safety. I played a turtle shell and they were there.
A few yellow jackets came to visit and we sprayed them up, ate our snack and went about our day.

Today we wanted to leave straight away as, our time is so short with them and their little legs can only go so fast. Therefore, going on any true walking adventures needs the proper amount of time. So, packs on and up the big stairs we went! Then, over the land strip looking for turtles at the other end. But, NO TURTLES!! Oh my, where could they be? The warm Sun was out, the logs were there. Ah well, we went to see if we could find some Acorn Woodpeckers singing and such in Woodpecker Heaven Lane. But alas, none were there!! Where is everybody? No one seems to be at home in the woods! So, we walked and we walked and the children said their legs were so tired. ( We actually had not gone that far. Tender Tracks will help them get strong legs and hearts soon enough.)
I showed them, through the trees, where we were going and that helped Sienna greatly. From there she was off and the others followed. Round the bend, down the trail and straight on into the magic land of Woodpeckers, a big fallen tree to climb, a forest and the edge of the lake where Cat Tails grow and frogs jump away quickly when anyone comes near.

They loved it there as the sun shown upon our backs and Natures toys were every where to be played with.

All the children mingled with each other throughout the day.
Nelly was truly at ease. She and Ruby had a fine time just being together after lunch. Rohin was delighted to find places where he could throw rocks. Nathan, Gideon, and Beau loved playing with sticks and had support in playing together in a way that was comfortable and safe for all. Ellory, though still loving to play with Sienna, had an easy time playing with the other children and just smiling with fun and delight throughout the day. And Adi, she was simply happy, playful and strong in body enjoying the adventures.

When we got to our spot, the Woodpeckers were alive and singing all around. One Woodpecker landed upon a snag with a big Acorn in its mouth. While we sat beneath it, it stayed! Then, put the acorn in the existing hole earlier made and, FLEW away!!

We were surrounded by such beauty, sounds, colors, and smells. Our way back home was easy and fun. But at first, ” Which way back to find Juniper Rose????” When they got back they were all so happy that “We found Juniper Rose!!!” And so we did and so our learning to read the signs of the trails and nature continue.
Their gratitudes were beautiful and alive and then down the road we went. Ruby drove back and I told stories all the way down. What fun!

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