Tender Tracks Wed. Day 4

Oct. 5, 2016
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today we had a new friend join us, Susie! She just jumped right in with ease and the group welcomed her beautifully. If you recall, I said that this group was the first group I’ve had that didn’t play with sticks. Well, that has all changed. Oliver, Puma, and Avaline all were having a fine time of it with sticks and so began the ‘learning how to play with sticks and stones within a small group/or, near each other.’ They are still so very unified, playing with each other,holding hands with each other. Jasper really branched out today and was playing mostly with Vita and Avaline! Oliver made sure he held hands with our new friend Susie and she took his kindness and warm heart in. Puma was filled with songs and energy today and LOVED throwing rocks in the water. Ruthie, watched everyone go pee and then, went behind a tree, took off her diapers and said she was “practicing.” She was SOOO happy running around, playing in the woods and later when we were by the water she was HAPPILY singing and playing with a bouncy chain. Vita is such a sweet, sweet person, she was playing with all, running around with joy and the memory of the day of her that comes right up to me was when she found this very large branch with a cozy little seat in it. She proceeded to get in it and then feel stuck. She gently called out ‘ can you help me get out.’ She really didn’t seem stuck yet helped her I did and out she popped!

Our story today was ” A House with No Doors No Windows and a Star INside” Apples were brought out and stars in side were found.

After circle Oliver started the Owl game that began last week by Linda. They hid behind a tree and hooted like an owl and the rest of us got to find them. Puma loved this game too and began hooting all over the place. Susie jumped right in too and then all the rest of them;hooting and hiding, hiding and hooting for quite some time as we ran around looking, looking, looking for each other.

Puma, Oliver and Avaline made their way over to another part of our place where the creek is and a log going across. There was quite a lot of maneuvering for some to figure out how to get across. Jasper didn’t feel good about going across so he and Linda took the journey around. Later Jasper wound up helping some others go that way around with ease and skill. They all played in this area for quite some time. There is a bouncy tree there and Linda was giving bouncy rides to whomever wished. There was climbing up and down a hill and sliding down too. It turns out that Ruthie really loves water and she got into this very low water creek with utter delight.

We then gathered our belongings, did a potty time at the porta potties and then off to a lunch spot near the lake and in the Sun. We had a beautiful lunch circle by the water and then, shoes and some of them pants came off and into the water they went. Oliver would have just walked right into the Lake and not stopped I think had we not shared that we are not allowed to keep going in the water. So, he asked if he could dunk his head in. We said yes. Vita and Jasper joined Oliver but then…..OLIVER tippsy toppsied in and got quite a surprise. He came out completely soaked and with tears. I took out my camp towel that I always carry, dried him off, got him in the sun and all was well. For the rest of the day, maybe a half an hour they all, accept Oliver and Ruthie, went down a little further and ever, ever, ever so sweetly and gently played in peace together by the water.

It was at this time that Ruthie was singing and happily playing with the metal “rope” as she called it. She too was soaking wet from getting right in the water so, we changed her, Vita, and Oliver and made our way back to the bus to then go home.

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