Tender Tracks Wed. Day 4

Oct. 3, 2018
Waning Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a glorious day! This was our first day visiting Roy’s Redwoods. Our Routine was slightly altered due to where we had snack and how circle was done; no bowls and cups and they drank from their own water bottles. However, they did so very, very, very well!
All of them are settling in beautifully to Tender Tracks ways.
Nelly was filled with smiles and joy all day AND was able to pee with great ease outside, where prior it was a bit out of her comfort zone. Rohin is showing comfort by way of having ease with his upset and discomforts. When a child can cry, laugh and just be themselves the way they are or might be at home we know that there is a level of comfort in our environment. He too was just HAPPY! Nathan and Gideon have developed a very happy and warm friendship. Addie, she already had a template of comfort with us due to her brother being in Tender Tracks yet her relationship to HER personal time now at Tender Tracks, well, she is doing just grand. Sienna, seems to really know alot about schedules and structures of that nature. What she is not so familiar with is the container of Tender Tracks that also has a great deal of flow and freedom to explore and allow natural curiosities to unfold.Thefore at the beginning of our days and at a few other times she is found asking, “What is next, what are we going to do next? At Tender Tracks she is learning how to BE in the moment and the ADVENTURE!And, she is doing very well with it all with smiles and joy. Ellery is still enamored with Sienna and taking her lead yet still has her own likes, dislikes and choices and shows all the signs of joy being here. And Beau, well Beau is just plain fun! He is alive, engaged and happy until, about noon 🙂 Fatigue settles in and, when back in the bus, he is able to close his eyes and dream, I hope, sweet dreams of the day’s fun and adventures.

Now, to some of the particulars. We got them all ready for the days potential weather. We made sure their rain pants were on because, even though there was no rain coming down the ground was very, very wet from the night before. They sit upon the earth and play on it all day so rain clothes are very much needed. However, by the end of the day, the air got warm and so did they so, before we made our way back to the bus we took off those fine rain clothes and back we went.

When we got there though, and they were all ready, we got out of the bus and they HAPPILY, went down the trail we directed them onto. There we saw tall grasses, gorgeous sky, so many different kinds of trees all growing together in such a kind and peaceful way: Redwood Tree, Bay Tree, Douglas Fir Tree, Poison Oak plant and more. Our eyes gazed upon the beauty and splendor of life and then, we made our way into the “Cathedral”/The Redwood Grove. Here a Great stand of Redwood trees created a magnificent circle. It got burned out some time ago and now all who visit can sit inside its splendor. The children climbing up the sides found the hidey holes and places to peer inside from the outside. They did just what is wanted, enjoyed the glory of it all.

We found some bouncy trees that they had so much fun on and Nelly, our resident Mushromologist, found the greatest mushrooms.

A wonderful Pee Party Time happened. I took the girls and Ruby took the boys and they all watered the earth. Then, Ruby and I wound up going with different children on some different adventures.

Ruby, at one point, went with Ellery and Sienna as they happily went exploring down a trail. But wait, ” How do we get back?” Ruby asked. And, oh dear, the girls had not a clue. While they were doing that I wound up making a stick drag/trail on the ground for the other children to follow. We were both at the beginning stages with them of “Safe Proofing” and “Mapping Skills.” This is showing itself to be a theme. So, we will focus on this quite a bit more now with this group. Learning, how do we find our way back from where we came and much more deeper awarenesses as to where we are, where we came from and where are we going. What is around us, below us, above us, what are the shapes, smells sounds and beauty that we are walking and living in. This is the beautiful “work” of this school.

Later, Nathan, Beau Gideon and I went off and found lots of sticks. We plopped down and began to build a “fire pit” and make a fire. We broke sticks to make them smaller and built them up and stomped them down. The rest of them came over to us later on and we played and explored. They all discovered this incredible deep crevice in a tall Redwood tree and they all got in there like Sardines!! Gideon was in the way back. Ruby thought he might be feeling a bit stuck but in truth, HE DID NOT! They were all happy, happy, happy crammed in that little space. :)!

At the end of the day, after taking off all of their warm rain suits, I scrapped some of the black soot from the burnt Redwood Tree. We use this often to paint with and, we painted ourselves like Racoons. Oh, how they LOVED THIS! I was surprised as mostly there are only a few children that are up for their faces being painted like this. However, they saw my face painted and they all lined up so excited for this. They wanted to show their families that they were RACOONS!!!!!( oh, except for Beau.) We went back to the bus looking for garbage all the way back.
They were happy!! And the day ended with great sweetness.

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