Tender Tracks Wed. Day 33

May 31, 2017
Waxing Moon
Sorich Park

Avaline absent.

What a different day it was to have the children dropped off instead of driving in the bus.
The Sun and Sky brought a warmer day then we expected so some layers got discarded.  We had a fine circle and a small celebration of the birthdays that are to come this summer with a little yummy treat to eat.

The day was filled with being with this place for the last time this year as we revisited the garden, the chickens and roosters, the walk to the garden, the big rock, the bouncy tree, the creek that is now dry and, for Linda and I, noticing the great changes in them since the beginning of the year.

Jasper is so much more grounded in himself and choosing to play with others instead of just Vita.  Ruthie is just more solid in herself as well as open to the group.  Puma is simply more FOUR, alive, curious, friendly and inquisitive.  Vita is more expansive, physically even more present and alive and Susie is, as well, more grounded in her confidence, connection to the group and open to receive what shows up.  And Oliver, he continues to grow more deeplin in his inquisitive, alive curious self who has been expanded his ability to attract all manner of bugs, and creatures. He and Puma have grown much in their mutual love of these beings.

The garden had a bit of a disappointment as we could  not run around and through the garden area at all. New plants were planted and looking beautiful. This was more challenging for Ruthie who really wanted to wander through the garden plots.

When we went over to the chicken coop the loud Rooster brought hands over Ruthies ears as she does not enjoy their loudness.  The others were very involved with trying to feed them.
We ate near the chickens however because most of them wanted to. We decided to play a little game to see if the Rooster would settle down a bit: we sat still while we ate, stayed calm and then we discovered that the chickens and Rooster did the same!!!!  There was a gentle chicken however in the chicken coop that, on and off, cackled as if it was laying an egg now and then.  We were also serenaded by two men playing guitars near  by.

When we got back to Sorich we wound up looking for vole and mice trails along the creek bed and wound up finding a couple of Rabbit hide outs.  We searched all along that dry creek bed and began to find all manner of holes and possibilities for little animal homes.

We gathered together for our good bye circle and song and then were beautifully greeted by you parents.

I enjoyed watching Puma share the Big climbing rock with his Mother this morning as they both climbed to the top where Puma loves to go.

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