Tender Tracks Wed. Day 33

May 26, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All were here and it is was SUCH a beautiful last regular day.  On this day we celebrated ALL of their birthdays. And, it actually was Nelly’s REAL birthday as well as her very last day with us.

When we got to the lakes they were, as always, happy, explorative, ready for anything.  And, they just went right into their favorite places, finding the fish in the creek, going into their favorite tree, and finally coming into circle in our sunny spot atop the hill.  There, with great patience one for the other, they stayed in a rather long circle time with a short birthday story for all and waited as each one received their own special Tender Tracks Birthday gift.

After all of this absolute fun and joy one to the other off we went to walk to a favorite spot, the climbing tree that goes into the lake.

This is going to be an EXTREMELY SHORT journal with this to say:

climbing, helping each other, getting as close as we could to turtles, BIG turtles, Woodpeckers busy above us, Fairy ponds, playing by the water, playing with each other, joy, laughter, WARM day, and end of the day great gratitudes.

A perfect day for them all; celebration and unified fun.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for SUCH a G L O R I O U S year!  It could not have been better.  We have enjoyed you all so very much. Thank you for your support of this work, for tending so well to your children as they came to the many adventures of rain, rain, and then a bit more rain, sun, water and  mud.

We will miss them so much next year and hope that they are in a most wondrous and nature supportive environments during their 4th year of life.


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