Tender Tracks Wed. Day 33

May 30, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Peri Park/Car Wash

Cole was absent.

Today was our last “regular” day of the school year and in truth, it was not regular at all.
We had circle right there on the “stage” in the park. However, before that, we all played down in the creek.  Some of the children wanted to cross over the water so we had to go searching about for a log or something that could help us.  I finally found something, brought it over and one by one they all tested their skills at climbing over.  Uma really wanted to go over but she does not like getting wet.  After a while, it was figured out that she had rain boots on and could easily just walk across!!!

Once on the other side, there were many hills to climb up, down and over, Poison Oak trails to avoid and lot’s of fun to be had.  The many navigational skills that were learned and took place were a delight to behold as their bodies, hearts, and minds worked at finding unity with the inherent desire to cross over water, climb up and down hills, explore and play.

I am now realizing that I included before and after circle in the above retelling of our day so now; Circle Time.

We all gathered together and we had a simple story about Juniper Rose, our beloved bus, and all the children washing her up to get her ready to be painted next week on our last day together.   We then had our snack of yummy Banana Bread, and back to play. We did have a”task”, however,  that Ruby and I needed to do with and for the children.  So, we set that up on one of the picnic tables in the sun and nearby.  We needed to trace their footprints on some canvas bags.  So, one by one, they took off their shoes and socks, picked the color they wanted to trace their feet and then put their feet on the bags. Then we traced them, they stepped off and put their shoes and socks back on.  Then, PLAY AGAIN!!! 🙂

Finally, we were ready to go and paint Juniper Rose. The ride to the care was was so short that we did not pass out stuffed animals. It indeed took nor more than 5 min to get to the Car Wash that was just a bit down the road from Good Earth.  There the children came out, we got coins for the machine, they all got wash rags, I rinsed the bus, got the soapy scrub brush going and they trailed behind me washing away.  WHAT FUN!!!  Especially when rinsing time came. Eamon, Holden, Ellie Turtle, in particular, and a few others, ran under the spray that I raised up for them to run under.  They squealed with delight any time water sprayed at any time during this process and then scrub, scrub, scrubbed and then dry, dry, dried the bus.  Then, we all inspected our grand work and how clean we got the bus!!!!!  Truly, much fun was had. Then, back to the park.

We came out, got our lunches out and ate.
After Lunch Violet, Uma and Ashley had such a grand time playing Castle and such on the big stump chairs that were in the warm sun.  The rest were playing with Ruby in the woods many games that at times I was drawn into when I was able to be taken away from the CASTLE GAMES!!! 🙂

We relaxed, spent easy time with one another and then had a goodbye circle to say goodbye together and then off they went home.

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