Tender Tracks Wed. Day 32

May 24, 2017
Day before New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

I specifically wanted to take the children here today because last week four little Dark Eyed Junco babies were born in a small nest right at the base of a Redwood Tree near the bus.  

It was very fun to share this with them.  We also had a wonderful visitor with us today. Someone interviewing for the Teacher position for this fall.  The children enjoyed her and as soon as Puma got in the bus he asked if she would sit next to him.

We had a fine circle.  I felt compelled to tell a story that they hear very early on in the year about learning to be very still and wait for the animals to come to them.  It had a turtle in it to and, we went looking for one on our adventure to where we often times see them. But first, up the big stairs, along the long walk way, and one lone turtle sat upon the black long tube that goes across the lake.  Then up the other stone stairs to listen for the Woodpeckers at Woodpecker Heaven.  The children noticed that the mushroom that we saw throughout the winter on a stump was  no longer there too.

As they went down the trail they found the best dirt that was so soft. They simply plopped down and played there QUITE contentedly for a while!!!!!  They all played with this marvelous sensation of smooth and soft earth and then, were ready to move on. We found the “Fairy Pond” in the hole of a tree. This is where the mosquito larvae have been growing ALL winter!  Our new friend called them Biting Faeires. How Appropriate!!!!!!!! A new name has been born:)

We found our place where the sun shines brightly.  Vita had her shoes off for some time now and when we got to our little open area near the lake she discovered the teeny weeny little prickers that were on the plants beneath her feet. Instant sit down and take them out, put shoes on and off she went.

In the lake there were a lot! of little fish. All the children went straight to seeing if they could catch them. It was lunch time so it seemed best to eat in order to get some containers emptied in order to use them for catch and relasing. And that is what happened.

After lunch they went right back to the pond to try and get the fish.  Not as easy as they discovered and not a fish was caught. Puma was trying to jump on them and our new friend reminded them about the story told this am. “Maybe if you sit so still and wait they will come to you!” the idea was mentioned.  But alas, desire won out, fast movement ensued and, no fish caught!!! 🙂

Ruthie and Oliver have historically always been slower on our walks then everyone else but today, today, there was a faster step in both of their feet. Not that it needed to be but rather, it was clear that growth has taken place.

When we were walking back who did we most WONDROUSLY  see on the trail???? A very large Turtle!  Yes, that is right, a great big TURTLE!!  We all came together and sat there very quietly, like in the story, breathing in and breathing out, waiting for it to feel safe. Slowly, slowly, slowly it began putting it’s head out but NOT it’s feet.  Unfortunately we had to move on. Linda thought it would be best to put it to the side so no bicyclists would run it over.  As the children began to walk back to the bus I went to move it. I just went to pick it up on it’s sides but……it hissed and JUMPED as I tried to move it.  I laughed and was startled and just kept doing that until it jumped it’s way to the side of the trail!!!!!!  I LOVE
synchronicities of the stories that want to be told and nature showing itself in collaboration with the tales.  What a fun way to come to the end of our day. And, the children thought it was quite fun to watch me trying to move the turtle!!!!


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