Tender Tracks Wed. Day 31

May 17, 2017
Small Waning Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a lovely and delightful day!  Please check out our FB page to see some photos.
The weather was easy, kind and gentle and so was the weather of the children.  We have not been here in a long time but, again, the weather afforded us the opportunity to go here without any physical cold to tend to.

At circle we repeated the tale One Fine Day. I was seeing if they remembered any of it. The older ones did and were able to follow with more verbal input and the rest, well, they just soaked it in again.  We then, after circle, went on our adventure to an old familiar place.

We took the  long adventure way through the woods seeing if we could remember how to get to our destination spot. And, we did!  Yet, before we got there we found a great huge fallen down Redwood tree that begged to be climbed on. But…..how to get up there????  Puma really wanted to get up and then, he saw me up there. How did THAT happen???? He figured it out and then the rest followed shortly behind. Jasper got a little nervous at one part and the others showed him how to get back to a comfortable place.  The children were fully engaged with their surroundings and taking it all in with all of their senses!

We then moved on to find the Redwood Grove/Cathedral where they put their packs for when we would have lunch.  Much exploring to do: The bouncy tree, the climbing limb, scrapping the black from the Redwood tree for face paint, finding the hidey hole/spaces in the tree to peek out of, places to sit and enjoy the tree ( Ruthie!!! ) finding different plants and noticing the Poison Oak to stay clear of.  A very full day.

I am going to use few words here with the hope that you will check out the photos and video that will flesh out a little bit more of what we were up to.

I can mostly say about the day: YEAH!, Explorations, Laughter, Playing together, Enjoying the Earth and it’s gifts, challenging ones balancing skills, helping each other out,and continuing to practice how to take turns when YOU really want the turn NOW!

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