Tender Tracks Wed. Day 30

May 9, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Cole was absent today.

The Sun was warm and we went to our Sunny Spot with our water trough for circle and beginning adventures.

The story today was, what is called, a sequential tale.  This is where the storyline repeats through out the tale. This, as you might guess, aids in memory and deepens the subject matter of the tale. And, this particular story was called One Fine Day.  It was about a Fox that took some Milk that it did not ask for. In order to make right what he did wrong he had to go through many, many steps to get the milk back to the Old Woman who took his tail to be returned AFTER he brought her back her milk.

From this story, and after snack and more play, the children were led on an adventure to find many of the aspects of the story such as: a pitcher of milk, water, grass, blue bead, egg, seeds.  They found them all as they followed different clues to get them there. Then, there was some milk( homemade almond milk) with which Uma, Violet and Luna, mostly, drank it up via small Oak leaves that curled up around the edges and made great little cups.  They loved this all!

We were going to go on other grand adventure but alas, there was SO MUCH that took place right where we were that indeed, we never did leave this area.  They were extremely busy making Fairy houses, building with logs, eating different wild edibles such as Rattle Snake Weed and fresh Doug Fir tips.  Though this journal is the shortest that has ever been written for a Wednesday class, the day was full. Not with words though but rather with deep explorations with the Earth, Sky and one another in such a fine and sweet way.

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