Tender Tracks Wed. Day 3

September 27, 2017
Waxing Half Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Aemon and Cole are on holiday for the next two weeks. We put their mats out still because they are a part of our circle as we will do for all the children when they are absent.
Holden did extremely well in spite of being the only boy and only got ready to go home at around 12:15 after lunch, tired and the heat settled in.

When the day began the children entered joyfully and ready for stuffed animals and fun.  Ellie Turtle ( Erikson) came with a runny nose and tired a lot of the day. She and Ruby had that in common, a stuffy head!  Luna was her happy and delightful self.  Ashley found her comfort and was alive and joyful throughout the day.  Uma was filled with vim, vigor, questions, and answers. 🙂  Ellie Acorn (Muenzen) had far greater smiles and joining in with the other children, Violet was just plain with ease, helpful, playful and joyful.

When we got to the new place they entered it with uplifting joy and played for just a bit when….. A big group of older children came with their teacher on their regular walks from the school nearby. They played a quick nature game while we all sat on the long log and watched, transfixed.  Then they all sang us a beautiful song. We sat again and received this beautiful gift and way to begin our new year at this place. Then, they all vanished down the path.

The children played a bit more while we finished setting up circle time and having some “Pee parties.”

In circle they heard a story called A House with No Doors, No Windows, and a Star Inside.  Before we heard this, however, the children took turns turning the handle to the apple peeler. Holden and Luna really liked eating the apple peels that were in LLLLLOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG ribbon shape.   The rest had their regular snack with apples and aussie bites.  Then, the story.
What fun we had with that and, to discover the apple DOES have a star inside!!!!!

After singing and listening to the Singing Bowl sing us out of circle another pee party and then I shared with them the great BOUNCY TREE!!!   Oh my, that was FUNNNNN!!!!
There are two Bay trees that are graciously laying down and enough off the ground so that, if you sit upon it, you can bounce and bounce.  The children went to the smaller one, all got on and with a wonderful little impromptu song, Ruby and I sang and sang to their bouncing until THEY began to sing and sing and sing.   Ashley braved her way over to the larger tree and Ruby bounced her on that one while the others stayed on the smaller one.

Time for our walking adventure.  They wanted to turn into Ducklings again as that is how they got down from the bus to our little forest, following Ruby as little ducklings all the way.  So back to ducklings it was and down the path into the sun a bit we went.  I gave much thanks for the trees that were protecting us from the great Sun’s hot rays and I thanked the plants and animals there in the middle of our trail.  Violet said ” You can’t talk to trees because they don’t have mouths!!!” And so the wonderful conversation began that I love to have with little children: How we can talk to plants, animals, trees, rocks and the like even when they don’t have mouths and bodies like ours.

We made it to the beautiful Redwood Tree Cathedral where they ran inside this magnificent empty circle of a Redwood tree. They played in there with great abandonment and ease.  It was quite dusty however with their running around so we took our lunch right outside and near the OTHER bouncy tree that we wanted to introduce them to.  Lunch was sweet and then the bouncy tree happened.  The sun was beginning to get warm and our time to leave had quickly arrived.  A woman with a dog came by and they all greeted her with curiosity and intrigue and then, walking back to the bus, and on the inside, we sang our goodbye songs and made our way back.

A beautiful 3rd day.

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