Tender Tracks Wed. Day 27

April 11, 2018
Waning Moon
Richardsons Bay

All but three children were on holiday this day; Ellie, Ellie and Luna.
So, since it was such a unique day we decided to do something different, we went to the Richardsons Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Tiburon.  Since we were going farther than usual we needed to feed Juniper Rose so she would be able to take us to and from our new adventure place, so we did.  The girls were so content and easy and, mostly, they were quite happy, particularly Luna, that it was an “All Girls day!”

Each one of them beamed a good portion of the day and that was just delightful.  When we got there we went to the Ceanothus tree and gathered some of the purple flowers.  As we went down a beautiful trail to the beach part we found another low lying ceanothus and gathered more flowers for a particular use later on.

Down the big steps we went and to the beach, we came.  Ellie Turtle was a bit frighted of the waves coming in and out so I stuck a stick right at the watermark and the rest of the day we watched to see if the waters were coming in or going out. When we left it seemed that the waters receded by about 5 + feet.  Once I put the stick in Ellie became braver to go nearer the water.

We then sat for snack. I took out our flowers and showed them how to make soap from these beautiful things. I put some in my hand, poured a little water on them and then scrubbed, scrubbed and then, SUDDSEY water came and I washed my hands. I then went to the water’s edge and rinsed my hands. Then it was their turn.  They got some and did the same.  When they got to the water Ruby wound up picking them up , turning them slightly upside down and let them rinse their hands in the water. How they loved this!!  We then came back and had some yummy pre-made, by me, popcorn, for snack.  While they were still eating I started to quietly make things on the beach. It did not take long, after snack, for them to find different ways to play on the beach.  Ruby was doing the same.

We were making pictures and building things. Luna wound up making a whole stick world, Ellie Acorn played with Ruby and I building with us, and Ellie Turtle wound up building too. At times all three of the girls were building and often Ellie Turtle and Luna were playing house games initiated by Ellie Turtle.  When playing house comes you know that four is just around the corner.

Later on I strolled down the beach with the intention of seeing who would follow and explore another area.  Ellie Turtle came and then Ruby and Ellie Acorn. Luna was still quite involved in her village that she was building.

We all found great rocks to paint with and give as gifts, Ellie Acorn discovered this fun game, and decorated our creations with the plant matter washed up on the shore.

One of my favorite things that happened today was while we were driving there.  I do not remember the whole conversation but Ruby said something about …you were born… And Luna said ” I wasn’t born.” and Ruby said, “How did you get here?” and Luna said, ” My Daddy drove me.”

There was much talk, play, creating, and Being with, the incredible weather, adventure and fun of just the five of us. It was truly a special day. On the way back, Ellie Acorn fell asleep for a bit and the rest of them were quite worn from the day, in a very good way. And oh yes, they all ate almost or all of their lunch, I mean all!

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