Tender Tracks Wed. Day 24

March 22, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Avaline was out sick today. Jasper was back from his adventures in New York.

The children were happy, the sky was still playing  cloudy day and sunny day with a few drops now and again. The waters were flowing all over and the children had a GRAND time.

Spring just seems to be in all of them. They are sprouting and growing, each one of them in their own ways, with such rapidity and beauty.

Puma has mellowed out in the past couple of weeks. Each week Ruthie shows weeks worth of growth. Vita has become such a GRAND singer of songs. Jasper is far more outgoing, able to play with others when Vita wants to be on her own. Oliver is so involved in telling his tales yet still LOVES MUD!!! 🙂 Susie, is stronger in her body, her connections and her joy in being outdoors.  I took some pictures today but I wasn’t able to get what I thought was the most beautiful: All the children, after lunch gathering on a big rock, playing, talking and….?  We gave them a lot of space so I am not sure exactly what they were doing but they were all huddled together and sounding delighted.

The gist of the day was playing in water, laughing, taking care of each other by stepping aside when they wanted to see how a rock would float or sink if they threw it, bouncing on bouncy trees, and, going to see the Controlled Burn site near us.

We went over to it to see where the smoke was coming from. We could only go so far because orange cones were there to stop us.  We sat on a big log all together and just watched. We started to look at all the different kinds of car tracks that were going towards the burn site.  And then, A GREAT BIG TRUCK CAME IN THERE!  We saw what kind of tires it had too!  The children had so much fun watching this, Watching the truck empty out more contents into the burn too.  We never really left that spot as it was sunny with grass and large water puddles behind us.

A man came by with a big dog and though Ruthie and some others ran a bit from it they didn’t seemed too scared. Ruthie who ran also laughed and laughed at how fun the dog was. He was catching sticks and playing with them. Puma gave him a stick and then ran. Susie was the most easeful about this dog. Oliver watched but didn’t get too close and the same for Vita and Jasper. Yet, they all really liked this friendly dog and his owner who was very delighted by all the children and their play.

As we walked back they LOVED playing ‘we’re lost and find us!’
Back in the bus we had a very big changing party, they got warm and cozy and then off we went after sharing beautiful thank you’s for the day.


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