Tender Tracks Wed. Day 24

March 21, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Violet and Ellie Acorn were absent today.

The weather was cloudy and drizzly for most of the day. Mid day the wind began to pick up and bring a coldness to it.  Yet, no matter to any of that as it was such a lovely, lovely, lovely day!!!

We had stories, and new songs, bubbles being blown all around the area ( I was making them), they painted with their horsetail paintbrushes and rock paint, ate wild edibles, ran in the rain and puddles and had great changing clothes parties.

And here is how it began; First thing in the bus was sweet, fun, and funny at times. They continue to learn about talking with each other in the group and taking turns listening and sharing as well as playing with the friend next to them. When we got there they went out to play and look at the big puddle closest to the bus.  We then all went and put our packs under the overhang and checked out the ROARING waterfall.  The day before the waterfall and the creek were at least a third smaller. One night of pouring rain the rushing waters were remarkable!  When everyone had their fill, or at least enough, of our beautiful place we all gathered for circle. There they learned two more new songs. These were about Rabbits AND the story was about what rabbits used to look like, why they now have the legs they do, short little cotton tails, long ears and a split lip and why the Willow trees have cotton puff balls in Spring.  This story was to lead us into finding fresh spring shoots as today was the first full day of SPRING!!!

After circle they ran to play yet it wasn’t long after that that we took them on an adventure. Right before that I took a bubble wand out that I had and let the very blowing wind blow the bubbles. The bubbles blew so quickly to the west and the children RANNNNN after these bubbles with such delight.  Cole asked, “When are we going to paint?” and I said ” After we have an adventure.”  And he was ELATED with going on an adventure.

Then, off we went.  Up the big steps, throwing things into the spillway to watch them RUSH down the rushing water, discovering holes on the floor where we were and seeing the rushing water below us.  Then taking a walk to find Miner’s lettuce.   When we found it all the children tried some.  Luna and Ashley ran ahead, then Holden, Eamon and Uma with me and Ellie and Cole were with Ruby.  Holden fell down and I sat with him for awhile.  Ruby and the other two, however, were well behind us and we wondered where they were.  They finally came down the trail and, they had been eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating MINER’S lettuce!  And they were happy!!

We all made it down the trail over the bridge, past the Porta-potties, past Juniper Rose and back to where our backpacks were to eat lunch.  A fine lunch we had and then, it was time to have two at a time go and get changed with Ruby and the rest stay with me and paint.  And so it was that that is what happened.

Ashley came today with such happiness and exuberance.  She was filled with joy over the puddles, rain, running, a bit of the painting.
Eamon was his usual happy, happy self.  He helped with the cleaning up of the little paint cups in such a way that was superb!  He made sure he did not get wet as he used the water spout. He washed each one to perfection and then brought the stack back. It was truly quite impressive. And, he loved painting. It was his thank you for the day.
Uma wanted to hold my hand a lot throughout the day so we happily did that. She also really liked having many jobs throughout the day such as sweeping the table before circle and at the end of the day.  She helped bring the lunches out as well and other little things.
Cole loved playing Tiger game with Ruby, eating miners lettuce, painting and runnnnnnniiiinnnggg.
Ellie was happy, playing, eating miners lettuce, painting, and staring at the beautiful waterfall.  It was fun to watch her just stand there for quite some time just taking in the beautiful waterfall.  She said she liked doing that.  And when Cole was sad for a moment she was right there to see how he was.
Luna, was easy going, happy, and being a PIRATE!  She also, on the way home brought everyone into singing the song No more monkies jumping on the bed!  She had the song down. And, she is someone that is so good at knowing songs, singing them to us and sharing them!
Holden was so very, very happy today.  He really liked painting too and just had such fun with the colour blue.

I was so happy to have such a joyous day with them outside in the ongoing gentle rain and cooler winds.  The day had a beautiful flow and pace to it and everyone was working together so kindly.

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