Tender Tracks Wed. Day 23

March 15, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Jasper on vacation.

Well, today the mischievous wind fairies blew often and the cloud children continued to love to play hide and go seek over great Grandpa Sun. We were warm then cold, warm, cold, semi warm………where as the day before was like Summer!.   And in spite of it all the children were in wonderful spirits and having a grand time.

We set up circle near the little horse troph/magick well. They first went to go look at the Fairy house and discovered something new, A SWING for the fairies!  What excitement and joy that brought to them.

Ruthie enjoyed that yet was focused in the beginning of the day on balancing on anything she could walk across: logs, parking lot concrete slabs, well anything.

At circle we brought out our mats again as the ground is dry enough to do so.
Their symbols were on them and they mostly remembered which ones were their own.
In circle there was a great story about a grumpy old Leprechaun who learned that he could find the gold in the daffodils and buttercups, the sunflower plants and golden butter. And, he learned how to MAKE Golden butter too. And so the children made their own butter.

They saw me pour the white whipping cream into the little glass jar with two red marbles in it. Then they all took turns shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking to turn that white cream into rich beautiful golden butter. And it did!!!!!  They then drank the whey that came from this process and they wanted more then we had!  The butter was spread upon fresh baked bread and they were content!

After our great circle, listening to the birds another sound came, that of the “Bell Fairies.”
My watch used to have Beeping Fairies in them. However they have now shifted to my phone with the sound of a tibetan bell!  Every hour the bell Fairies ring and then the children would take a deep beautiful breath and feel or look around to notice what felt good or was pleasing to their eyes in the moment.  They took to this like ducks to water. In particular Ruthie. She would come right over and take several beautiful and very focused breaths with me. Every hour we heard the Bell Fairies and we noticed so much more around us.

We adventured to an old spot that we haven’t been to in quite a while, the place they went to on the first day together and many other days. On the way Puma and Oliver had such a good time with a California newt. There were lizards, worms, salamanders, birds and fish that were seen too.  They played by the water, found secret roots and a magickal Gnome door right on a tree!!  We ate together so peacefully  too at lunch.

Susie must be growing because she ate and ate today like we have never seen her do before. Puma and she had a delightful time throughout the day.  Avaline, Ruthie and Vita were seen holding hands many  too while we were walking to and fro.

Oliver, Puma and Avaline, at the end of the day, braved their way to go under the waterfall before we went back to Juniper Rose as well!!!

It was a happy, easy, and engaged day.  All seemed happy and very happy to be with each other!

They cared for the Earth as they found beautiful flowers of Spring. They are learning how to give something back when they pick something like a thank you, or a song and their hearts burst open as they found beautiful flowers that they wanted to pick for you!

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