Tender Tracks Wed. Day 23

March 14, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Eamons Grandma came to play with us today!

The energy was a bit wild and the weather brought a lull in the rain from the past two days.  We weren’t sure of the rain factor so, we set up under the shelter at the Lakes just in case.

The children had a great deal of fun playing in the trees today, climbing their favorite creek bank, and playing a lot with Ruby.  I actually wish Ruby was writing this as I was fairly busy with a lot of the set up of things and being with this little one here and that little one there. She, however, shared some grand tales of events of the day at our debrief at days end.

One of my favorites that she shared with me at the end of the day was with Ellie Acorn. Ellie is mostly quiet but today, she had a great deal to share, all day. And, when playing with the children she was helpful and playful with them as well.  Ellie Turtle had a fine day yet was easily upset on this day where she has not been so for quite a while. Holden, who the past couple times has been a bit more sullen was back to his very happy and playful self and loved pulling at my backside and then I chase him about!  Eamon was just as playful too. Uma was just grand accept when she went pee and fell upon her bottom. When I pulled up her pants dirt got into the cracks, so to speak. That was NOT her happy moment so, grab the towel, clean that up and all back to new again.  Ashley, though cold in the morning after some nice change of clothes was good to go. Luna was happy yet, like Ellie Turtle, not as keen to wear the rain clothes.But alas, all was wet about and when these two do get wet, oh how sorrowful they are!  I heard Ruby and Ellie Turtle had a fine time changing her clothes though as Ruby told her all about the princesses, how they take care of their good clothes, wear their rain clothes ( which interestingly enough looked just like the ones Ellie was wearing!)  and they hang their pretty dresses just in the right spot for when they come back from wet and dirty play. Well, that did the trick!  Ellie was dressed for the day and off and running.  Cole was filled with lot’s of imagination, games and so much fun and delight!  And Violet, Violet was happy running around with the children yet had some moments of getting very angry with some of the children.  Eamon’s recourse was to give her some faces. With some help he was able to move on and I went with Violet.  Then Violet, Uma, Ellie Turtle and I all went on a magick adventure to the Porta Potties through our wonderful Snake Forest!

At the beginning of the day, we started in the bus shaking shaking shaking a jar filled with white liquid that I told them was going to turn gold and we were going to be able to eat it. We were making butter. This has worked well for years yet today, IT DID NOT!! No matter how much we shook and shook and shook and shook it would not turn into butter. What a mystery. Luckily we had ghee and leftover butter that we made the day before. And, we had wonderful bread from the fine bakers that deliver that special bread to the good Earth. And all of this was for the story they heard about Sean Hoolahan, a leprechaun, and Mrs. O’Malley.  He was looking for gold and she gave him some by making it from the Cows milk/cream.

After lunch, they all made their baskets. I kept wanting to do a special game with the jewels that were in the special pot at circle that was the leprechauns but alas, the day was wild and full and, always too short, so that just never happened.  And of course, by days end there was the traditional changing of clothes, for at least some.

All and all, however, the children seemed filled with 3/4-year-old exuberance and grand aliveness.

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