Tender Tracks Wed. Day 22

March 8, 2017
Lake Alpine
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Everyone was here today and, we got to meet Susie’s little baby sister!!!!  What a treat.
I think the best word to describe today was PRECIOUS!!!!  Your children are just that, Precious!!!  The things they said, their expressions, the growth, friendship, holding hands, working together, their curiosity and freedom to play was and is, exquisite.

Today was like a spring day.  I mean really, no peek a boo game with the clouds, cold and the sun and warm. Just Sun and Warm!!! with some gentle breezes.  And Ruthie, well she was the epitome of new life and growth at spring time.  She has gone from strong parallel play, being within in her own world, walking slow, to playing with all the children, looking around at everyone, asking to hold hands with Avaline and then they did so all the way up a big hill and running to keep up with all the children!  This is a very different picture then the beginning of the year.  Vita was filled with the song from the play/movie Annie The Sun will come out tomorrow, with her little voice that, well you just have to hear it in order to fully appreciate the fun and gloriousness of her singing.  Susie at first did not want to sit next to Puma in the bus yet loved sitting next to Ruthie, they both had stuffed animal wolves and played together.  Puma was kind of ok with Susie’s choice. She let him know that if she wanted to play with him she would tell him.  And, by the end of the day they were sharing and playing together with great ease and joy. She started out shy and ended up running, jumping, playing, laughing and having a great time.  Avaline was filled with her usual love, excitement, participation and joy and Jasper, he was really attached to Vita yet one of my favorite moments with him was when he and Oliver enjoyed their growling moments together.  And Oliver, he was in 7th heaven every time we found mud!  He would just plop down and rub his hands all in it. He just loved, loved, loved, loved this!!!  Vita found a really nice stick. Oliver wanted to hold it but she said he had to wash his hands so, I took him to the edge of the lake washed his hands and then he could play with her stick. But,  I have gone way ahead of myself.

When we first got there they went right to playing on the big rock. We could not believe all the water that was there. Last time we were here we walked at the bottom of the lake because it was EMPTY! Now it was full, full, full.  They finally came into circle where the story was an expanded version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  You see, when Goldilocks came home Mom and Dad knew that she needed to learn how to find her way home so, they sent her to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to begin teaching her ways to find her way in the woods, meadows, village and any where.  The first thing they taught here was to lay a trail of beans and then follow the trail back again. And, that is what we did on our new adventure!

As we made our way up a big trail and then down to the other side of the lake each one of them put beans on the ground ( and I threw out a bit more too. :)).

We ended up at an open and beautiful spot where over a dozen turtles of varying sizes were sunning on a log.  There we stayed. The children tried to get close to the turtles but it didn’t take much for them all to jump into the water and swim away all accept the great big Grandpa Turtle. It took a lot for him to get spooked but when Puma and Oliver came closer and closer, splash! into the water he went.  We sat very quietly for a very long time watching to see when they would climb back up.  There was a lot of this that went on through out our time there and one time Linda wound up on that side by herself. Puma came over and said that he wanted to be with Linda because it was quiet. He sat on her lap and they just were there in the quiet beauty of this place.  There was a great deal of exploration and joy that happened here today.

The sun was so warm and our first day of it.  Oliver and Vita said, ‘I;m so tired.’  I encouraged them to lay down and enjoy the beauty of this day . So, we did. We looked at clouds and felt the earth.  Then there was belly button catching and great laughs and then we made our way back.

This was grand because the entire way back they were looking and gathering beans, beans, beans and more beans!!!!

Their thank you’s at the end of the day were so very sweet too because it was their stuffed animals that spoke.  How I wish I had a video of this entire day for you to have seen. So much fun!  Just so much fun and delight!

A little Sun and warmth after a long wet and cold winter brings the beauty, ease and relief that was seen today.

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