Tender Tracks Wed. Day 22

March 7, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Sorich Open Space

What a very unexpected and glorious day. The children came prepared for a cold and cloudy day but alas, the sky got clearer, the Sun shone brighter and we wound up just not being able to take off enough clothes, well at least some of the children felt that way.  However, to feel the warmth on our skin was a sweet gift and we drank it up.

The day unfolded like a gentle and meandering river on a warm day.  The children got out of the bus and all climbed up the big rock with large smiles.  After a time they came into circle and there we sang, ate, heard a most delightful story and were ever so peaceful. If you get a chance to read or purchase this book I believe, I hope, you too will be delighted. It is so perfect for the stage that they are in for the next year or two and the illustrations are simply precious and tender.

The Rabbits' Wedding

After circle they all brought their cups and bowls to Ruby and went back to the bouncy tree and the big rock. Holden and Eamon played greatly together on their Fig tree bouncy ride which, Holden told me was the train to the Pokemons. I asked him what they ate and where they lived. He didn’t know other than we were going to where they live. They do talk though, he knows that.  Cole turned into a Robot that you had to turn on now and again. Eamon went along with the Pokemon but he had a great deal of color and alternative dimensions to his ride.   Ashley was full of life and energy and just loved running all around. Ellie Acorn was zippity quick up and down the rock and the hills.  She and Cole were often seen up on top of the Big Rock with a gentle breeze blowing on them. She looked like the Mt. Queen. He, to mention, was the Captain of a Pirate ship!  Luna turned into the Sad Black Rabbit in the story that was only sad because it really, really, really wanted to always be friends with the white rabbit.  Uma gave Luna the biggest white Rabbit hug and then all the other girls came in with their hugs too!  Ellie Turtle kept getting hotter and hotter and wanting to take off many layers until there really weren’t that many layers left. At lunchtime, she was disturbed by the warmth. RIGHT as she said she was too hot, Brother/Sister Wind brought in a gentle Spring East breeze and cooled not only her off but the other children as well.  What great manifestation!!! On the spot!
And Violet, Violet was in such a good and happy mood.  She loved running about with Ashley, Eamon and Holden as they made many adventures from this place to that.

We all wound up down in one area picking wild edibles such as sour grass, miners lettuce and chickweed and playing their many adventure games.  Their play is becoming more integrated with one another and more formed. Still not like a five-year-old yet they are most definitely older in their ability to be with one another in their individual games.  Lunchtime came and after a while, their favorite lunch game took place: “What does this look like?( refering to some food of theirs)”  “Oh, that is a boat”  I say. “No, it’s a sandwich!!” they say.  ” Oh really?? Well, what do you do with it?”  “You eat it!” and then they eat their food  Every lunchtime somewhere along the line this game is longed for and their question “What is this” calls out.  And, they eat their lunch!!

We cleaned up lunch, I took Luna and Ellie Turtle to go poop in the little Tender Tracks Potty.  Luna tried but, nothing came about.  She went back to the others and then Ellie sat upon the pottie.  And, she was so delighted and said with absolute glee and exclamation “It came out!!!”  ” Luna tried and nothing came out and I did and it came out!!”  She was delighted and then off she went too.

We all took a walk up to this brand new tire swing and took turns on that the rest of the day.  Each wanting to push the other and then, RRRRUUUNNNNN down the hill and back to the bus to make our way home where Ruby told them a story all the way back.

And I forgot to say, Uma, Ashley, Violet and maybe a couple others, who didn’t stay long, found the metal trash can and began playing their “music” on the can. What drummers they were. Some of us danced to their offerings. Ashley was the one that REALLY liked this and came back to it a few times to bang away!   I put the photo on the shutterfly account. If you are still having a hard time getting on please let me know, again.  I know there is a way to get you on there and see these photos.



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