Tender Tracks Wed. Day 21

Feb. 28, 2018
Waxing Crescent Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everyone was with us and back from Holiday!  It is that time of year where wonderful growth and unity is often seen here at Tender Tracks.  So much fun to see, experience and enjoy!  Everyone seemed taller, more social and more at ease with Tender Tracks, themselves and each other!

The weather began easy and clear-skied and moved toward grayer and grayer skies.  As we drove home a little drop here and little drop there began.  Weather-wise, a very easy day.

We began the day at the lakes with the invitation to put their backpacks at the backpack tree and anyone who wanted to help carry firewood to come around the back of the bus and help out. Uma, Ashley, Eamon and the two Ellies immediately went to help. Each one carrying what they could to the picnic table.  There was some playing around in the area as Ruby and I took turns with them and setting up the circle around the fire pit with mats and the fire.  Then the children came in, of their own accord, sat down with eager anticipation, quite quietly I will add, and we sang our songs. We then gave our thanks, from our hearts to the wood, and fire and began to sing our Fire song to aid it in lighting.  With Ruby and I working together the fire came to a blaze and all was well but, oh no, a spark went on Uma and went right through her rubber type rain suit and fleece pants to her leg. It did not seem to burn her skin much yet it scared her heart and great tears came for quite some time. We immediately got her all that she needed and she spent a good amount of time being loved and held in either Ruby’s or my lap.  While in Ruby’s we continued to get our popcorn ready, put it on the fire and listen, with great eagerness, to hear the first, second, third, fourth……pop, pop, pooopppppiiiinnngggg of the kernels. What smiles and pure delight came from them.

When the popcorn was done, it appeared to be the best and most tasty in the history of Tender Tracks ever made!!  The children ate their bowls up ENTIRELY and some longed for more. But alas, one pot was just enough. Clean up happened and off to play they went for about half an hour.  But oh no, I forget to tell you here, before we left circle we gave a small honoring to Violet and Cole. They both turned four years old the week before, two days apart.  We sang to them and then they each received their birthday gift. Smiles came from both and THEN we were ready to move out of circle.

Eventually, they all wound up at the small creek where playing up and down the hill happened. Holden and Eamon were exploring the mud, Ashley put her rain boots on so she could do the same, Ellie Turtle played on the bouncy tree, Violet was REALLY excited about showing me remnants of mushrooms, Luna was helping me gather lichen, Cole was in the mix of going up and down the hill and Ellie Acorn was helping Ruby and Uma put out the fire and clean up.

We gathered everyone up, walked all the way up the big stairs and found our most beloved spot. There they ate at the picnic table, we played some of our lunchtime, help them eat, games and then they packed up and began running up and down and up and down and up and down the hill there. It appears that many were some sort of Dinosaur or another. Dear Ruby was about to be eaten. Two or three tumble bumble and tears from children came about, lot’s of hugs and love, up again and being chased to be eaten continued!

There was so much loving, hugging, helping, supporting, laughing and playing all with each other throughout this day. Even with great tears of true release from falls, and sparks, they bounced back with the support of friends and plenty of lap holding.  Then up and off each and every time.

On the way back we sang our song: And the green grass grows all around and around and the green grass grows all a round… with all manner of different verses. The last one being their names right before we arrived. How happy each was when they would hear their own name!

A glorious, glorious day.

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