Tender Tracks Wed. Day 21

Feb. 27, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Half Moon

Ellery absent & Adam is officially not going to join us after all.

We only had a few, very minimal showers and, we got to explore and see so much beauty from all the rain.  They instantly went over to see the Waterfall and waters when we got there.  They just sat there, and pretended to go fishing or just sat there being in the presence of this incredible power and music of water.  They were just so peaceful and content.

After a bit Sienna and Addie came to help me set up the fire.  From there it didn’t take long before the others came.  There we made fire and the smoke came. They were so precious as they found a spot outside of the circle to eat and be away from the smoke yet all snuggled together.

As we got the fire going and put the popcorn pot onto the grate half of them went to play by the water nearby: Beau, Nathan, Rohin, Gideon & Nelly. Addie and Sienna stayed to tend to the fire. They all came back and then, I began a Popping, Pop Corn song.  No sooner had we sang the first verse when POP! the first pop came, then a little more and a little more as we sang our song. Pretty soon Addie said “It smells like popcorn!!!” with great glee!  We ate our popcorn with delight.

From that place they finished and then the rest of the day was filled with such grand play.  We ran up and down the creek and then down to the bridge where the water was so high.  We threw sticks and such over one edge and dashed to the other side to see the miracle of them floating under and down the roaring creek.  They had a GRAND time finding, after a time, their own sticks and throwing them in as I was gathering and giving, at first.  Then, THE PUDDLES!  they jumped, danced, sang and played in the great and fun puddles on the bridge.

We finally gathered ourselves up and frolicked back to the bus where some children needed some wet checking and small changing and then, off we went with Kalimba played and gentle songs sung and all the way home.

This day, though few words here, was simply an elegant flow, like the rushing waters and gentle waters, that we experienced throughout the day.


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