Tender Tracks Wed. Day 20

Feb. 14, 2018
Day before New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Cole was absent today and Eamon, Holden, and Uma were back.

The air was crisp and the Cloud Children were playing hide and go seek with Grandpa Sun off and on throughout the day so, sometimes we were warm and sometimes we were cold.

The day began with joy over it being Valentine’s day and some of the children brought Valentine’s cards to pass out.  Seeing their hearts alive and filled with the joy of giving is always so beautiful.

When we got to the Lakes they all pilled out. Eamon, Holden, Luna, and Uma went straight to our Sunny Spot. Ruby had the other children and thought I meant the OTHER Sunny spot. I called her back and they came laughing to our first Sunny circle spot.  Eamon and Holden were instantly playing yet the girls went straight to circle, even though we thought playing was a fine way to be for the moment. Non the less, they all came in and we sang our songs and then….We finally got to honor Holden for his Birthday from a couple of weeks ago.  We sang him our Tender Tracks Birthday song and he got to pick out his special Birthday rock and put it in his very own pouch. He then blew out the candle after story.   For snack, we had a special chocolate gluten-free heart cake. We just gave the children one small piece though some really wanted to eat more!!!  Holden, however, did not want to even take a bit so he got some crackers and was content.

The story was a little tale about Once upon a time all beings, animals, bugs, birds, bees and people knew that warm fuzzies were everywhere and ALWAYS lived in our hearts.  You never ever could be with out them…. The jist of the tale, love is always in our hearts and giving from our heart can always be done. Sometimes we forget this yet it is true none the less.  The story included a Big pink pocket heart with colorful soft wool inside.  At the end the warm fuzzies flew to the children.  And then, after a time, they went into the woods and found their own.

Each one of them found their heart treasures and loved them so!!!  From there we packed up and went on a great adventure to a beautiful spot near the creek and the Redwood trees.  The whole rest of the day was filled as well with finding “gifts” from Mother Earth.  “But I don’t see any gifts!”  “We’re just walking. There is nothing on the ground,” some of them said. And from there they were shown the hearts in the stones, the flowers blossoming all around us, the little stones that we can write with, the colors all around us, the fresh air and so much more. All day they were reminded to see and to listen. “But the trees can’t talk.” “Oh well, they do not talk in our language. And you must sit ever so still to hear them for they speak very slowly.”  And, for those reading this, if you don’t believe me, find a tree to sit with over and over and over again and after a time, you will begin to hear the voice of the tree’s  in their slow, kind and wise tree voices. 🙂

•Ashley was the fastest today. She was eager to run, run, run, run… And her running got the other children to keep up with her, as best they could.

When we got to our spot they wanted to eat so we did. There we had more fun observations of Heart Rocks and young trees standing near us who wanted to play with the children.  We noticed all the baby rocks and the young trees, the birds singing far and near and the great silence that fell upon the forest for a time.

After lunch, they played for a little bit with jail, and capture and running and catching. It was then time to go so backpacks on and down the path we went.  Their legs have gotten so much stronger as they went fairly far for themselves.

•Eamon today was his usual happy self. He LOVED his heart pouch and carried it all around until he couldn’t find it.  When it was found he decided to put it in his backpack so he would not lose it.
•Luna was very happy with her heart clothes and singing her many long songs she knows, word for word.
•Uma was in grand spirits.  She was holding my hand a lot with happiness and playing with children and their games.
•A favorite moment for me with Ellie Acorn was when Eamon asked her a question. She replied in her usual fashion of a whisper. He could not hear her so he kindly turned his ear towards her and listened very carefully.  She was running and jumping often throughout the day with great smiles.
•Holden, however, was not his usual happy self though at times he could not keep it from coming through.  He found a flower for his Mommy at the beginning of the day that he picked and put it in his backpack. By the end of the day, he discovered that it had wilted and therefore did not want to bring it to her.
•Violet was excited to receive the Heart and fuzzies and gave great efforts with putting on her coat, getting up when she fell down and sharing with her friends.
• Ellie Turtle was just happy throughout the day playing, exploring, laughing and having fun at lunchtime remembering the lunch game we played last week.

It was a fine Valentines day. As they rode home, each shared their thank you’s in ways only an innocent preschooler can do. Just tender and beautiful.


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