Tender Tracks Wed. Day 20

Feb. 13, 2019
Wendolyn’s home
Waxing Moon

Nathan was absent today and Tiana was with us again.

Well, the weather was strong and the rain kept itself pouring down. When we got to the land and homes where I live we made sure everyone was bundled up and then, out we went and took the long walk over to my place. When we got there the rains were actually gentle so that was the moment to take a longer walk outside.

The children were very, very happy with the deep and fun puddles that were everywhere!  We discovered the world of Crows that live here and feed throughout the day.  We spied the many Robin Redbreasts and tried to walk so quietly as to get close.  Ah, but alas, that is truly much more challenging than you think. 🙂  We saw a couple of Deer running up ahead and across the field.  We walked past the “side ways swing” said Rohin, then through a thin path and then out to where some cars were parked.  Addie, immediately, saw tracks. From there we started to look at all the different tires and compare their tread to the tracks we found on the ground. And then, more puddles and, MY HOME!

Through the back door and under a different canopy than what they had before, onto their buckets and ready for the day.  We sang our songs and got the stove ready to cook NOODLES!  As I told a story about how Robin Redbreast got it’s red breast the noodles bubbled and bubbled and bubbled until they were cooked.

By this time the rain was really coming down and one big THUNDER clap met our ears.  We ate and then it was truly time to go inside.  There, coats, pants, and boots all came off and they instantly went to play with the toys set up for them, played with them in the sand tray, and found the stuffed animals from last time. Nelly, Sienna and Addie went in my other room to draw and then play a little of my harp and other instruments.

From there and throughout the rest of our time, they explored, played, ate lunch, and simply had a grand time in the warmth and ease of being indoors. We did notice that we could not hear the rain the way we can on the bus, outside and under the canopy.

Then, time to get all bundled up again to make it to the bus.  We became flying birds to get there making sure that puddles were enjoyed along the way and then back to all of your loving arms.

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