Tender Tracks Wed. Day 2

September 21, 2016
Waning Half Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Today Ruthie was with us and our group was all here. Ruthie’s Mom joined us as well and that was a true treat!!!!
They are such a precious bunch of children and we are so happy to be with them.
Today we needed to sing our song that we will only sing once:
Summer Good bye, Summer Good bye. You can no longer stay, Autumn is here today. Summer good bye, Summer Good bye.
Even though the true Autumnal Equinox is on the 22nd, tomorrow, it sure felt like summer was gone as the wind was beginning to blow and the air temperature dropped serveral degrees from yesterday, AND, today was our day that we were together to sing it. 🙂
The story was basically the same as last week, it is good to repeat it especially since they only hear it once a week. It takes awhile for these things to settle down into the psyche and soul. They seemed to be engaged and very present with it. I will be able to see when it is living in them more when the themes of the tale begin to show up without them even knowing why they are sitting still and listening to the animals or walking quietly when they want to get near our non human friends.

Before and after circle we explored the area and found two wonderful “bouncy” trees. They went about trying to climb up them in many different ways and challenged themselves so very much.

Oliver was filled with much more vim and vigor today and was running about with gusto! Puma LOVES to be our guide on trails and the other children enjoy following him. Vita is strong, vibrant and very energetic and Aveline LOVES to runnnnnnn. Probably my favorite part of the day was seeing Jasper find a new friend that he really enjoyed, Ruthie!!! After lunch the two of them were playing so sweetly with some sticks and then Ruthie’s Mom guided them into a game of making the sticks into a bridge that they would go under. All the other children, after awhile, discovered this and joined in. I went ahead of my self though.

After exploring the area we were in it was then time to go on our adventure from our circle time and play area. Backpacks went on and off we went. On this day I specifically wanted to take them to one spot so I did far less letting them just wander to a place we would like, randomly. As stated earlier, Puma loved finding the trail and Oliver shared a game of, “you go this way, and I go that way and we will meet up.” Puma liked this and started that game too. It was really a vigorous walk for them through the woods, over and under logs of big and small dimensions and zig zagging through the woods.

We finally made it to the great big Redwood “Cathedral”/ many HUGE Redwood trees in a circle where the center has burned out. We went in there with awe and this is where we ate lunch. They were all thrilled with climbing up, on and over this thing as well as playing on a great bouncy tree branch near by. Avaline loved running back and forth here and Oliver wanted to play a great game of hide and go seek. Right as he wanted to Avaline needed to pee so, that stopped and then we had to go back to the bus.

When we got back to the bus and settled in we drew pictures up on the front of the bus of things we saw during the day.
There were really so many more things that happened but these are a few of the highlights of a very beautiful second day. We are looking forward to so much more unfolding and blossoming of the children and the group throughout this year.

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