Tender Tracks Wed. Day 2

September 19, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Our second day together and a true beginning. The children were alive, awake and ready to go! Each one of them is so very, very precious and vibrant. At the moment they show themselves to be a cohesive, and unified group enjoying “running with the pack” and being all together. Driving up in the bus they instantly began playing with each other with their stuffed animals and with each other. When we got there they ran out and began to explore the area.

They are also learning the rhythms and ways of Tender Tracks and the difference between Tender Tracks ways and their other schools and/or home rhythms.

Nathan is very clear about coming to circle and to their own mats with their own symbols, and everyone coming together when the ocarina sings. He wondered why all the children were not sitting right down when that happened! 🙂
Well, it didn’t because, before that, I had brought the children down into the creek. The way was challenging for some and not for others and down on the rocks and near the water so many curious and wonders were afoot! Climbing back up took a bit of time. However, once we were ALL up, we came to circle, sat down, looked up and around to the beauty of where we actually were and then, our song came right in.
They ALL sang it with glee and then, snack and story. Rohin really wanted to hear the story from last week too. He has an incredible memory for many things and the story he remembered well. I wanted to share the full tale again yet, today there was another story that asked to be shared so, I gave a little rendition of last weeks story and went into the one for this day ” A House with No Doors, No Windows, and a Star inside.” This is an old tale about an Apple! I have this story on my CD so some of the children know it too. At the end of the tale I cut the apple open, on its side, and what did we see in the middle? A STAR!!! and then we ate up this delicious gift from the earth.

After snack and clean up they played all around the area. Sienna, Ellory and Adi brought me into the big Red Wood Tree House. There they made a birthday cake for me and sang me a wonderful birthday song!

When we began our adventuring out part of the day, we climbed up the big steps and they were champions with this! From there we went straight to a spot that Ruby and I love to take the children near the Lake. There they ate, Ruby caught frogs and shared them with them, they learned to sit in a small circle, on uneven ground and eat, and discovered the sounds of the Wood Peckers, Turkey Vultures soaring in the Sky, fish swimming in the water, turtles sitting on logs, the Winds gentle breezes, the sounds of silence and movement and on and on with the many sounds, sights, senses and smells that we were embraced with.

I am including this photo as their backs are turned to the camera so no faces are visible.

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