Tender Tracks Wed. Day 2

September 20, 2017
One day after New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a beauty filled first day with very unexpected weather.  It was a sunny, cloudy, rainy day, sunny day, cloudy day rainy day….. for the entire day UNTIL we dropped the children off and the sun shown so brightly.

No problems though, the children flowed with grace through it all.
We acclimated to Lake Lagunitas with joy, came in to circle and what presence they had.  Circles are actually rather long yet the children were alive with breathing in and out like balloons, singing songs, eating a great deal of YUMMY, YUMMY snack of hand-picked apples ( by one of my daughters and me this weekend) and almond butter.  They welcomed in the Fire Fairies, listened to the story from last week, listened to the Singing Bowl bell that sings us out of circle, passed cups and bowls to each other, learned how to walk on the outside of the circle instead of the inside and then give your bowls and cups to Ruby and then off to play at the creek, the hills and the forest!

After that, we took our first adventure together.  “Where are we going?” many asked. Reply ” to see what we may find.”  As we walked Uma said, “There is nothing here.”  “Is that true” I replied.  We then got close to the ground and began to discover bugs, feathers, plants, leaves and more wonders than they had imagined.  And in that moment it was as if they all woke up and began to explore with great delight.

We made it to Bon Tempe lake across from the parking lot and, to Ruby and my surprise, the water was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY low!!  We keep thinking they must be draining it. Our curiosity has been peaked!  This did not stop the children from playing however.  The all went to throw stones in the water.  Then Ellie Turtle( not  Ellie Acorn AKA Ellie Muenzen) wanted to find a special entryway and Aemon and Holden wanted to explore this other part of the lake as well.

Aemon fell into the thick mud and got stuck inside those Mud Monster babies.  Holden tried to help but fell in himself and then, HE THREW HIMSELF IN AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!!!  Well, HE had a great deal of fun.  Having done this many times before, I made a bit of a bridge so that I would not fall into this mud monster realm and get stuck myself.  I pulled Aemon out, retrieved the one shoe that got stuck, washed it off in the creek and it took him about fifteen minutes before he fully missed running about with just one shoe on.  Holden was tickled by being so muddy.

Finally, all of them came over accept Ellie Acorn who sat watching everyone and the water.  I went over to visit with her a bit while all of these treasures were exploring this fun area.

There were several girls that needed to pee so I took them, Ruby with the others and then, the waters from the sky were not just drizzling as they did earlier but it kept coming down and down and down so, where to eat??? We packed up, again, and found some trees to sit under.  The most splendid time we had, being under the trees and hearing the beautiful rain music while we stayed dry. Yeah!!!!!!!

All the routines are a bit new and for some, sitting through lunch was a bit tricky. Not however for Uma, Cole, Ellie Turtle, Ashley and Luna.  The others however wished to drift away often.  Learning new ways is coming about and all were content and happy.

The day went by very fast and here is a brief bit about each of your wonder-filled children that we so enjoy!!!!!!

Uma was HAPPY. She was just filled with exuberance, joy, excitement, involvement.  She had a bit of trouble peeing outside though. There is a learning curve here. She is not alone with this, however.  When the rain was gently coming down, at first, she was quite surprised about getting wet from this rain but Ruby did as Ruby does, brought it into such a playful easy way that joy came back with speed. Uma was radiant again.Cole started out slow yet the minute we started to really explore he woke up to the

Cole started out slow yet the minute we started to really explore he woke up to the moments at hand and had such fun.  I enjoyed when he, Holden and Aemon were sitting together and chatting at the beginning of lunch.

Luna was just filled with her warmth, bright smile and curious nature about the life that is all around her.  She did, however, seem a bit tired by the end of the day when she took a tumble.  It took a bit longer than expected for the tears to subside but when they did, they were gone and she joined the group again as they all chased me all around the park!!!!! 🙂

Ellie Turtle came in with a frown yet it was so much fun to see her open up like a flower to all the children, the day and everything else around her.  She really likes to help if someone is hurt or in need.  Her warmth was fun to see as well as she and Violet connecting so well.

Violet was HAPPY to be a Tender Tracker, like her big sister was.  She was proud of herself throughout the day with her ability to pee and just partake in all that was happening.  Violet was simply fun, alive and happy with all.

Ellie Acorn was quiet a lot of the day. However, I discovered that when I just came aalongside of her and quietly began playing this little thing or that little thing, she would gently join and then BEAM with the fun of it.  By days end she was running and playing with all.

Holden was so involved in the day and delighted. He laughed and smiled with most of what took place throughout the day as well.  You heard a bit about him above so I will leave this part as done.

Aemon really liked having his friend Holden there and played a lot with him until, at the end of the day, everyone wanted to chase me, which I believe might have been instigated by Holden.  Well, no matter he was with the entire group running and running after me with pure joy.  He just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED climbing with Violet and Holden at the beginning of the day on the hill that they all played at on the first day.

Ashley, though quiet in her ways, felt at ease and fully enjoying all the children and the day.  She doesn’t talk that much, at least so far, yet the ease I saw in her body, her comfort with being able to pee outside, her flow with all the other children and her smiles showed that she was having a fine time of it all.

And, all the girls joined in several times together for their “pee parties.”  A traditional way of bringing children into peeing outside.  Actually Violet was totally used to it and comfortable. The rest of them have one degree of a learning curve or another but they are all on their way.
The boys were at complete ease with it.

And that is the jist of our beautiful first day.

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