Tender Tracks Wed. Day 18

Jan. 30, 2019
Roys Redwood
Waning Moon

What a beautiful, beautiful day.  We were concerned that it might be a bit too cold at Roy’s Redwood as the rain was coming. However, IT WAS NOT!!!  The gray blanket over the sky began to dissipate by around 11 am and the rain never did come, all day!  So, it was extra specially nice at Roys this day.

There were puddles from the past rains though and new little streams and creeks every where. Beau found them right away and we needed to change his clothes early on.  When we got to circle we had fun with more adventures of Little Tommy Tittle Mouse and how he began to discover the early signs of spring and his cousins the Voles little tunnels that they make to run and hide from wiley Coyote and Silent Owl.

And, the story is what helped us find these little tunnels when we went on our big adventure to Eagle Rock.  But, before that, we had our circle, they helped clean up and then they scattered to play.

Rohin, Nelly, Gideon, Beau and Nathan all went down by the waters edge and were playing “Poppa Troll” in great delight. Ellery and Sienna found the bouncy trees. I was there with them bouncing them and playing together.  After a time everyone wound up on the bouncy trees. I am so glad Ruby came over because she give the BEST bounce ever. And, as a team, well, it wound up that we were, in fact, on a special machine that flew us to Maui!  When we got of it turned out to be time to go to  a special place in Maui where the Vole tunnels were and a place called Eagle rock where the sun shines brightly.  And, that is just what we did. Off the bouncy tree, packs on, over three little bridges, through Mud alley, up the great hill where Vole tunnels were and onto Eagle rock.  From there, great delight!

There was a wonder of fun with a smaller but large rock below Eagle rock’s platform base. There Rohin, Beau, Gideon, Nathan and sometimes Nelly and Addie loved throwing smaller rocks at the boulder and watch them break into lots of pieces.  Up above, which is like a plateau, the children explored.

Time flew by and we set up lunch, ate, played just a little bit more and then had to make our way back. TOO sort of a day as it whooshed by.

This group, continues, to have such fun, together!  Yes, they all play together. They move in and out of  dyad’s, triad’s foursomes, five some’s and then all of them together with great ease and delight.

Rohin, had such a fun and involved day.  He loved throwing the rocks, playing by the water, bouncing, being in circle, and being with his friends at Tender Tracks.
Sienna, continues to be her quiet yet clearly happy and engaged person. She is such a good and very kind communicator as well.  She LOVED the bouncy tree and was a bit of the leader in making it all happen for everyone.
Ellery was in fine spirits today. So happy to be playing and exploring. She stayed closer to Sienna today yet was easeful when not. She hiked up these big hills with ease and figured out ways to get onto the big bouncy tree before Sienna could. She was also proud of herself on figuring out how to get down from this tree AND, how to walk so slowly on this long long tree trunk without falling!
Nelly comes every week now FULL of ongoing happiness.  She plays with the boys, the girls, holds hands with everyone, creates conversations and connections. She is just so happy!
Addie also, is, yet again, happy!  She and Beau had a grand time sitting next to each other in the bus. They both had Monkeys that got a little wild for awhile and then they were very good with Helping their wild monkeys to settle down a bit while we were on the bus.
Beau loved playing in the water yet really did not like his feet wet in his boots and, when we went to put plastic bags over his new dry socks so he could wear his wet boots, he DID NOT want this at all!  We found some dry Tender tracks boots that he could wear for the day and his really unhappy heart shifted, immediately.  There was great encouragement to stay dry as that was all we had for him yet, and well, that just did not happen. 🙂  He was happy however throughout the day, climbing, throwing rocks, and being with friends.  On the walk back he, Nathan and Gideon were all wrestling, rolling on the ground, running, and holding hands all the way back.
Nathan, I sound a bit redundant her yet, he was so very happy too!! Doing all the things I mentioned with Beau.  Exploring, playing with friends, exploring the creek, finding wonder filled and perfect sticks or many jobs needed.
Gideon was most happy when running with the boys and throwing rocks!  Truly, it was like he landed in heaven.  He found some “creature”, he called it, that he said he didn’t like but kept looking at it. I never saw it but Nelly and Rohin went over and they said they saw it!

The children are getting stronger each day with the aid of climbing up big hills, and figuring out how to get on high, low and long lying tree trunks and all the navigating they must do as they move through and about on different terrain.


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