Tender Tracks Wed. Day 17

January 25, 2017
Sorich Ranch
Waning Moon

Jasper is on holiday for two weeks.

The Sun came out from it’s long hiding today though the cloud children played Throw the blanket over Grandpa Sun, alot!  So, the day began very gray and cold yet wound up by around 10 or so getting warmer, and warmer and warmer but, as I said, the cloud children played games with the Warm Sun’s Rays throughout the day so we played, hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold game as well.

We had such a fine time revisiting this place, this big rock, the bouncy tree and walking to the garden to see the chickens.

Circle time I read them a very beloved story called Nimby. It is about a little and very creative cloud that played with changing who he was all the time.  This led us to look up above throughout the day and see the many shapes and read the many shapes in the sky.
We wound up singing our first songs of the year and it seemed just right to do as they all took to them with ease and joy, especially the one where I described what someone is wearing and they have to guess who it is.

After circle they went back to climbing the tree. Avaline found Fennel plant with Linda and either she or I wound up eating a lot with her. She LOVED it!! Oliver when he tried it did not.  Ruthie was very delighted with rolling up and down the wood chip pile.  Puma was very engaged in being the biggest and highest on the mountain and playing chase.  Vita was just in happy, high warm and delighted energy as well as Oliver. Susie was wanting to be very close to me and feeling a bit lonely today. She didn’t have her usual energy and was rather more quiet. However Linda said she was really having quite a lot of fun on the bouncy tree and loved when I read some more books at lunch time. She just seemed a bit tired.

We made our way down the road to the garden and it is so clear how much older they are then the beginning of the year. Walking there took about half the time.

The edible plants that people often times call weeds were growing all over and very high so we ate some.  There were ripe oranges and we cut those up. Susie and Vita in particular really liked eating these and wanted to eat more and more and more. They all had a lot of fun trying to feed the chickens and the roosters and then running around this empty garden. They found old squashes and thought they were fun to squash. Eating together on benches there was fun as well.

When it came time to go home Avaline wanted to play more and not go home right away.  Oliver was really excited about being a ferocious Dragon that I chased but, oh dear,  every time I got caught I had so many hugs for the ferocious Dragons!!. And then they  ALL became dragons that I chased around and around. When I caught them they got very big hugs. Oh dear how they ran and then, wait a minute, what happened? They began to chase me and Linda!!!!!!!!! 🙂

There was the last playing with the chickens and then back to the bus. But Where WAS Juniper Rose.  Was SHE playing hide and go seek like Ruthie wanted to play?  We creeped up to Juniper Rose but THERE SHE WAS!!!  They hopped in and we took off our rain suits and got in the seats.   And oh yes, Puma became helper this morning with handing out the stuffed animals.  He liked this!

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