Tender Tracks Wed. Day 17

Jan. 23, 2019
Lake Alpine
Waning Crescent Moon

Adam was absent today.

Well, this was a most glorious day!!!  Truly. So peaceful, easy, fun, engaging, interactive with Life and alive.  The sky was clear, the Sun was shining down with warmth and brightness and the air was so fresh and crisp!  It was clear that it was still winter however because, there was always that cold edge to the air underneath all that warmth.

When we got here they all just came out of the bus and found their way, straightaway, down to the very full Lake.  Nathan and Beau found a flat piece of long wood and just had the best time moving it about and finally carrying it up to the bus. We don’t know why but, that is what they did, WITH GUSTO!!  ( My years of experience with boys is that their bodies just do and, they are HAPPY with the doing.) All the children loved being at the edge of the water and figuring out ways to play around it, near it and, a wee bit in it. 🙂

Sienna was hungry and kept asking when snack would be. In fact, she was hungry ALL day! no matter how much she did or did not eat.  I am wondering if she will be taller when next we see her!!:)

We did all come together for snack and there we sang our songs, learned a new one but first, in their favorite way, just with our hands and in silence.  Then, for story, I carried on with the theme of Little Tommy Tittle Mouse.  This week was the third “installment” of this very little song story. Here at Tender Tracks songs are used for a whole lot of learning: to listen to the fine details of sound and identification to it via our friends.

Please do let us know if you know the song game “Little tommy tittle Mouse lives in a little house. Someones knocking me oh my, someones knocking, It is I” and then the chosen child makes an animal sound. The child whose head is covered and is Little Tommy Tittle Mouse must guess what friend is making the sound.  We brought the story into Little Tommy Tittle Mouse listening to all the animals and birds, and bugs and snacks and learning what they all sound like.  And so, throughout the day we would listen to Life around us and begin to learn their voices.

After circle we packed up and made our way to a new place. Down the road, they all went, holding hands, playing together.  It just doesn’t stop, their unity and pleasure with each other! We climbed up a very big hill. Nathan and Rohin petered out but Beau, he made it all the way up this very big hill!!! Nathan was quite impressed!

Gideon was actually very, very tired today and did not perk up until after he ate lunch.  Ellery came with a very, just hurt, nose. Every now and again she would cry a bit and say how much her nose hurt. We loved her and stayed with her and then she would find her way through it.  Nellie, well, she is just having the time of her life now. Each and every week. She is interacting with all the children, playing , running, exploring and just, as I’ve already said HAPPY!  Addie, well she is right there alongside Nellie, just simply happy, holding hands with many children, playing and being brought in by boys and girls.  Sienna, other than being hungry, she was instigating making music with sticks. Ellery joined her and then Ruby and I sang songs to their instruments.  Rohin also was and has been simply HAPPY!  Running, being with water, being with the other children and exuberant about everything we are doing accept…when Sienna had a stick he really liked and wanted and she did not want to share it with him. The biggest of tears came and then he came right into my arms. The tears shed and shed and shed until they finally found their end and then, he went right off to play again, happy as can be.

After lunch Gideon got so much of his energy back that he and Rohin went walking down, down, down, the path.  Rohin came back and then we saw that Gideon appeared that he was not going to stop but just keep going.  I called and called and he did not stop but, I blew the Ocarina and STOP he did, turned around and walked back towards us. Ruby went to bring him back, fully.

It was time to walk back to the bus. Ruby coaxed the children up the big hill by having them pick up many rocks along the way.  They were all having so much fun with that, that getting up the hill needed a different strategy. Ruby then became a Whale and the children Barnacles and then they attached themselves to her and OH DEAR!! How will they EVER get up the hill?

Beau and Gideon took the lead chasing me up the hill and Ruby and the others trailed behind us Barnacle, Whale and all. Finally we all got to the top of the big hill. And then, we all made it down the hill and we all made it in the bus.  Ruby drew, per request, a great picture of the day where they needed to guess what she drew of the day.  They loved guessing what she drew and what they all saw during our time together.

She drew the Egret we saw and the many turtles. She drew the tall hill they climbed and the grasses we went down on. She drew the Crows and the Scrub Jays and all the children climbing up and down the hill with the Sun shining on us all day long.

Such a beautiful beautiful day!!!

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