Tender Tracks Wed. Day 16

Jan. 16, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Sienna and Adam Absent.

Today was filled with heavy rains so we chose to have the day at my home and the property that I live on.  The children were wonderful!  And they loved this new experience.

After parking the bus where I live we began walking through the large Palm Trees and other trees to get to my home. There we saw squirrels scurrying up them, birds alighted upon branches, a large and raised bed of succulents and more. We finally made it to my home within this complex of varying size cottages. We went in the back yard to find a big and low roofed shelter!  There they went underneath to find their buckets to sit upon and a little camp stove in the middle.  “What was that for?” they wondered.

We sang our songs and then prepared the popcorn to put in the popper that was ON the stove. Oh THAT was what the stove was for!! After the oil and popcorn was put in we listened and listened to the sizzling of the oil and then…POP, POP, Pop, pop, pop went the popcorn at which point they began to pop and sing their own popping song!!
They ate it all up and then were so curious about what was outside of this shelter.  Beau could not contain himself and went right out looking at the plants in the little garden and a few others followed.

Then, the rain came down a bit and we had them drawing pictures for awhile underneath and then, we really needed to get out. The rain was gone again so we explored this beautiful property.  I walked them past some other cottages here, through a thin trail and then out to the edge of the big meadow. There hung a funny swing that swung side ways. Each one took a turn and how much they loved this. Then the boys began to run round and round and round and round in the meadow. Nelly was in 7th heaven with this all and followed them and joined. Beau, Rohin and Nathan went back to the swing and twirled and swirled together holding onto this swing.  All the children just played and ran.  We carried on further and around the LOOONNNGGG meadow area and discovered wonderful little spots. On spot was up a hill. They went up and down the hill, through swampy grasses and hidy holes in trees that were completely dry.  We found exquisite puddles to play in and then finally made our way back to my home.

When inside, and after rainy clothes were taken off, they discovered the sand tray and the many toys and figurines there for them to play with. They also found, in another room, the basket filled with stuffed animals, a Unicorn in there and fun couches to lay upon.
The children were absolutely lovely in this space, playing together and with ease and care. It was actually quite remarkable, peaceful, beautiful and filled with contentment.  Lunch time was now here so cleaning up happened and then eating upon the fine floor.

(FYI I took several videos that I look forward to sharing with you.)

We got them all dressed up and ready to go outside and back to the bus.  At this point it had just started pouring ran. When we went out though it really didn’t feel that hard of a rain. We got in the bus, buckled up content with an unusual Tender Tracks day.  And oh yes, I played a couple of my harps for them.  Nelly and Addie REALLY liked these and played them too.  All the children had such a fine and fun day exploring Wendolyn’s home!

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