Tender Tracks Wed. Day 16

Jan. 09, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Crescent Moon

Adam and his Dad joined us today.  Yeah!  He was welcomed in the best way little ones can do one to the other, beautifully. 🙂

This was, however, a most challenging day to join for a wee one as the weather, though beautiful, had moments of rain and cold.  It was clear that the children who have been at Tender Tracks since September have developed legs that no longer are troubled by hiking up big stairs or being in the rain.  When their hands got cold they knew how to ask for and receive mittens, to find their hats and to stop when their legs got tired.  It is continually fun to see their growth.

Nelly, who usually is in the back while walking was running ahead and now, beginning to play with the other children.  Addie is interacting more as well. Ellery can be without Sienna for most of the day. Rohin continues to be more vocal and vibrant with his interactions.  Gideon continues in his love of movement yet with greater spacial awareness, Beau DID not fall asleep today on the way home and during the day he was more settled with the group and our routines/able to be with the group.  And Adam, he stayed close with Dad yet, was consistently moving in and out with the children and, by days end, was with all of them, in a row, “fishing” by the edge of the lake.

This was indeed a beautiful return from a long holiday break. As mentioned, the weather, at times, brought the “edge” of the day. When it came to lunch time, the wind was picking up and we were in an open area. The only place that had a bit of a wind break was the large Fallen down tree where we were. We all helped to clear out the stones underneath so sitting would be easier and we sat, as best we could, there. However, we were still under the sky so when the rain decided to come down for a bit during lunch time, we were in it.  It actually was not that bad and it stopped half way through lunch.  Little hands got a little cold so finishing lunch straight away was encouraged. Then, mittens back on and off they went to play as if no weather discomfort had occurred.

At this place Nathan, Beau and Gideon had great dexterity as they, with ease, climbed up this big laying down tree.  The other children did there best there and they were in varying stages of exploration.  Rohin had slid down and bumped into Sienna.  I and Adams Father halted her full blown tumble.  Rohin easily said, I slid down, not aware of the greater hazard here. Sienna, though only slightly bumped, had tears and fear around this.  I took her in my arms and we sat for a bit, settling down from this unexpected bump into her body. She then got back up and ready to play with Nelly and Addie by a tree where she saw something she liked growing on it.

After lunch and before we left this spot almost all of them wound up by the lake, in a row, “fishing” together.  It was so very, very beautiful. When we had to go they all threw their fishing polls into the lake.  We made our way down the trail and back to the bus.

Beau and Gideon were in the lead HAPPILY running ahead together.  Nathan, Sienna and Rohin were making the sound of a “choo, choo” train ALLLLLLLL the way back.  Adie, Nelly and Ellery were with Ruby. Right before we got back Ellery took a tumble.  I heard that it was sweetly and sensitively tended to and that is why they were a bit behind us.

In the bus we had some clothes changing, settling in, and singing our good bye song. We remembered the lovely things of the day, the cold and the warm and how wonderful it felt to be warm in the bus.

Such a fine and glorious Winter Day in Marin.

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