Tender Tracks Wed. Day 15

Dec. 19, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Gideon was absent.

Oh my, what a beauty filled day.  The sky was gray and the air was cool yet, our hearts were warm and filled with life. On the drive up Ellery was SO happy and filled with life that she gleefully sang sweet made up songs all the way up.  A few of the other children sang gently too but I think they were all mostly listening to HER!  It was glorious to feel, hear and see her joy and contentedness.

When we got to the lakes they went out and found our sunny spot where we set up our circle.  They are always ready for this.  There was some time taken for the first thing in the morning bathroom needs, checking their favorite places out and then coming in.

At circle we had a very special Holiday treat and drink and then the story culminated in a wonderful Angel helping two very kind and generous little boy and girl.  The story was showing the way for what was to take place at the end of the day.  They were, as usual, present, alive and soaking everything in. We then got ready for a wonder-filled adventure walk to find “Woodpecker Heaven” and all the wonders around us.

When the children climbed to the top of the stone stairs we take to get to the large walkway I was reminded of what they were like when they first started school and trying to walk these large stairs.
It was awkward and their little bodies could barely get up. Now, Rohin scrambled up without asking for a hand, at all!  Beau was at the top before anyone with Nathan right behind and so it went.
At the top they found PUDDLES!!!! and ran right through each one as they went to the other end of the long ridge top.  We looked out at the water to see if there were ducks.  Ellery spotted one right away. We looked for more but did not see them.

As we walked through “Woodpecker Heaven” and saw and heard many of them, we came up on a Beautiful Egret hunting for food. Nelly and Addie stayed with Ruby longer than the rest of us as they watched and watched. Addie LOVED this bird so much and told us all about it.

Walking down the trail was filled with fun games of Red Light, Green Light and Different animal walks running towards me and away from me. We found our spot for the day and set up there.
The waters in the lake seemed high and the Fog was all around us with a magical feel to it.  The Woodpeckers pecked and pecked, the Dark Eyed Juncos were flitting about and some birds in the Lake had their voice added to the sweet sounds that were sung all around us.

The children were climbing up the big laying down tree, well some of them, while others played down below.  When we came together for lunch we sat quietly at times to hear all these wondrous sounds. And then, after lunch, it was time to go back for something special.

It turned out that the Angels from the story wished the children to have their own special Guardian Angel. So, in the forest near us, the children used their great eyes, looked all around and, what did they find??? ANGELS, one for each one of them. Soft, gentle angels with wings to take their gentle nighttime whispers before bedtime and then fly them away to where all wishes are heard.

The children were so delighted with their new friends. We got on the bus and they held them well with them in their laps, under their clothes.

This was a most precious day with them. They can run farther, climb faster, laugh harder and are enjoying the day’s weather changes with such ease.  They are becoming far more involved with their play as parallel play takes more and more of a back seat.

Nelly was delighted when Addie was sitting next to her in the bus. Beau is playing easier with the children and coming into his three-year-old stride. Nathan, well, Nathan is still just as happy, adventurous and easy going as he has always been. Rohin is ALIVE, laughing, and enjoying so much more as well as being able to voice his feelings more.  Addie was holding hands and playing with Sienna today and playing more with, not alongside of, the other children.  Ellery was happier than ever and able to be less with Sienna and Sienna is even more active and present with all.


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