Tender Tracks Wed. Day 14

Jan. 5, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruthie and Oliver were absent today.

The sky world relieved us of rain while we were together though it turned darker and darker as the day grew on. By the time we left it just started to let go of a few trickles.

When we got in the bus everyone was in fine spirits and happy to be together again. This time of year it is always amazing to see the great growth that has taken place.
Jasper not only seemed a bit taller but far more assured of himself.  He took his own initiative often/not always following Vita, he was laughing,engaging and being filled with joy all day.  Vita was just simply happy.  Susie was the same way though she was missing her mom on and off throughout.  When she was engaged in sharing about Mom she had wonderful things to share about her Mom that she loves so much.  Avaline was so beautiful and patient. When she walked in she had gifts for Linda and I. As the grown ups talked she waited and waited and finally made it gently clear that she wanted to give these gifts. She looked very happy about that and we were very happy to receive.   Puma turned four over the holidays and he was very happy about this!! At snack we sang our traditional Nature Birthday song to him and he liked this.  He had wonderful  running and movement energy throughout the day and just ran and ran with an open heart.

We went out to and saw the wonders of the, by now, VERY LARGE WATERFALL!!!!!!  It truly was roaring!   We had circle at the picnic table as the ground was so wet and there we were singing new songs and a new story.   The story was about how Doug Fir cones have little tales that stick out of them and no other cones do.  The rest of the day on our adventure was looking for the tree that gives these cones, trees with cones and do they have the Micey tails sticking out and the other trees in the story.  It was a delight how they took the story in and it guided them throughout the day as we walked and immersed ourselves on the land.

We took a long walk that now is getting shorter and faster for them due to their physical capacity to go much farther.  All along the way we were looking at the different trees and feeling different barks. When we got to our beautiful spot we found a California Newt that Susie and Puma really had fun holding and playing with. Even though Puma really did get to hold it a lot at the end of the day what he remembered is that Susie held it and he didn’t really get much of a chance. 🙁

Avaline and I found these most wonderful mushrooms.

Image result for pictures of brown mushroom that grow in clusters on and near Doug Fir treesT

They looked quite a bit like this though darker brown and rounder tops. They could be the same though.  The others came over with Newt and joy.  Then Puma and Susie stayed with their Newt, Vita and Jasper went to sit and laugh on a log and Avaline, Linda and I began to sweep the trail and such with our Doug Fir branches.  We also all spent time looking at the incredible Woodpecker logs with all of their Acorns deeply embedded in there. We were all so very fascinated by this. Jasper had found these really small mushrooms growing on the trees that we all looked at with awe too.

When we first got to this place we all sat very, very quietly next to the lake looking to see what we could see in the water and noticing the different birds swooping down and fishing. A King Fisher swooped in and out. As we sat so very quietly a little bird with something orange in its mouth flew out of the Cat tails and across the water in front of us.

There were so many, many wonders today.  Our walk back was filled with hiding and being found. Being quiet upon the earth as we hid and then jumping out. Jumping into more puddles too and then changing clothes for some of them when we got back.

What a glorious and very delightful day back!

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