Tender Tracks Wed. Day 14

Jan. 3, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Unfortunately, I was not able to be here on this day to hurting my ankle the day before.
There were only four children who were back from holiday and such:
Luna, Holden, Eamon & Ellie Munenzen

Ruby shared with me about the day. The gist was it was GREAT!  Ellie talked on and on all day, Luna was just HAPPY and when the rains came down a little bit she cried and wanted to be with Daddy. Ruby loved her up, she was able to have her feelings and then, in true Luna fashion, her tears found rest and she came back into harmonious happiness.  Eamon and Holden wanted to run, explore and play, play, play! The biggest problem of the day Ruby shared, they were SO HAPPY that she almost could not get them back to the meeting place on time!!! They just kept exclaiming how delighted they were.

Ruby had many lovely tales about the day that I can not remember nor do justice to so please, do ask her about the day.  I am only most grateful that you were willing to bring your children to the Lakes since she was not driving the bus and that she was willing to be there so beautifully with the children!

Thank you, each and every one of you.

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