Tender Tracks Wed. Day 13

December 14, 2016
Full Moon
Wild Care

Jasper, Susie and Avaline were absent today.  The rain was a steady gentle dance upon us throughout the day. It seemed like a good day, right before holiday break, to go and visit the many wonders at the Wild Care Rescue Center in San Rafael.
We all got in the bus, four children,Linda and I and off we went.

When we got there the rain had subsided so it was easy to go to this very nice spot underneath some Redwood Trees to have a little circle.  We sang out songs, ate some holiday, not too sweet, cookies that looked like trees and stars and hear a story that ended up with them receiving a little gift. The gift was a precious little felted Gnome that they can whisper anything they want to and then tuck it under or near their pillows at night. How each one of them loved receiving these gifts and playing with them for a time until we needed to put them away tucked safely in their packs and away from getting wet.

We then went off and down the road to Wild Care.  As soon as we got in there we saw so many wonders: O Possums, Turkey Vultures, An Owl, Wood pecker, Fox Squirrel, duck and many types of Hawks. The pelican was very , very fun too. They played back and forth with this Pelican , hide and seek with squeals of delight. After a time we went inside and there we got to see some great snakes!  The Rattle Snake saw/felt their approach to it’s domain and rattled away!!! Though we were safe we stepped back any way.  After a time a nice woman there brought out the small python and the children got to touch it.  Outside they got to be up and close to a Kestrel.

They played with all of the toys and stuffed animals there while also being quite interested in all the taxidermed animals!!!   And then, it was time to go out again.   We ate, the rain came down a little, we packed up, went outside, played with throwing some things over the bridge into the water but, there was no wind and so nothing really floated down stream!!!

There was a little time left so we went to find some puddles to jump in.  Some got quite carried away and then it seemed that there was more changing of clothes then we expected so, alas, and sorry to say we were a bit late coming back. However, great fun was had before our two week time away and it was truly a very delightful day.

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