Tender Tracks Wed. Day 13

Dec. 12, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Oh my, oh my what a beautiful day. The weather was crisp, sweet and, as Goldilocks would say, “Just Right!”  The children were in fine spirits. Ellery, after being with us a  bit, showed signs of being just a tad too much “under the weather” so, it seemed best to give Mom a call to pick her up, which she did and, all was well.

Throughout the day signs of getting closer to four were showing up for those children that began our year on the younger side of 3.  They were louder, more insistent upon their specific desires, filled with greater emotions, roars, growls, and louder laughter. All signs pointing to a change. They are so very on target and on time with their organic developmental shifts.  I laughed quietly inside at the beauty of nature making itself so very present.

We set up circle in our sunny spot. There we sang to the day, received a snack of homemade Banana, date, oatmeal balls and heard a story about Why some Trees Stay Evergreen.  There are those trees that keep their leaves throughout the year.  These evergreen trees he evergreen are the ones we call the great Guardians of the Fall and Winter days and nights. And there are those trees that lose their leaves. They are the Dreamers of the dark time of the year. When Spring comes they wake up and share those dreams with us all through their beauty and aliveness.
This brought us into finding all those different kinds of trees as well as playing with our own dreaming, sleeping, and aliveness.

The children are still in play state where going far is rarely necessary. They are filled with being in the present.   There is most often nothing needed but that which is right in front of us. So, we never went very far from our little area.

There they discovered hanging like monkeys from branches on a Redwood tree, finding wood burned to use for drawing. Discovering rocks that can be used like pencils to draw on other rocks. Discovering boughs that are wonderful for sweeping. Continuing to rebuild the ongoing bridge that gets taken down and built up again.  Swirling and twirling and, as always, so much more.

Addie was heard saying “Guys, this place is really great!” Rohin, Nathan, and Beau were REALLY trying to pick up a HUGE rock. They worked at it for quite some time but alas, it was BIIIIGGGGGG! Gideon, Beau and Nathan were playing sweetly together.  I came behind a tree to listento them and  I heard Gideon, in a very kind voice say to Beau, ” Say Sorry.”  He said this a couple of times. I could not hear Beau’s response yet I did see them all peacefully, key word here, run up the hill and continue to play with ease and joy.

Each time we were all doing things I took sticks and created different simple rhythms and songs.  They, as was intended, carried that play out throughout the rest of the day.

Nelly was more unified and open with the group. Still parallel play yet so engaged. She loved playing with the charcoal stick ( just wood NOT briquets!). Addie was, as stated above, happy and loving this place.  Sienna appears to be in awe and wonder throughout the day with all that goes on and the life around her.  Rohin is one of the younger ones that is really growing up and, getting quite comfortable at Tender Tracks. He did not want to eat the snack so I went to him to offer it to him. He kept quietly and slowly turning in a circle away from me.  I am laughing as I write this because, to my adult self, it was so very precious watching him work at saying no with his body. To him, I shared how he can simply say  “No thank you.” And, he did. 🙂

Beau, though still a bit awkward with his feelings, meaning, he might push someone ( not too hard) if he doesn’t like what they are doing. Now however he is not only getting more skilled at halting that impulse, but the entire group is kindly helping him to remember what they like and don’t like.
He is so precious and kind-hearted. He really does his best. It is beautiful to witness such healthy growth.   Nathan, well Nathan is just present and ever so, content.  I believe this is a good word to describe how he seems.  He is involved with the world, playing with it and playing with his friends.  He is expanding out from just the new found friendship with Gideon to the other children.  Gideon is, as well, happy and in joy over being outdoors, with friends, with his own self, whirling and swirling, exploring and playing.

Today they all reminded me of a flower that has been ready to bloom and now is slowly and in just the right pace, opening up to the Sun of Life.




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