Tender Tracks Wed. Day 13

Dec. 13, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Holden was back today and Cole is the only one still absent.

What a fine day it WAS!!!!!!!!! The air and temperature was crisp, cold at times and crisp with winter aliveness.  Jackie Frost greeted us as we drove in and all the children were so very curious “Where is he??? Where is he???”

Ellie Erickson was a bit frightened of Jackie so we held hands for awhile in the morning. Aemon and Holden wanted to go off on grand adventures as Transformers and Robots.  They were going a bit too far so I came over with Ellie. What did I spy though???  JACKIE FROST!!! yes, he was hiding right in the marsh area. We could walk over to Him though and that we did.  Ellie’s fear subsided as they all touched and felt the cold, cold grasses.  After exploring this we ran back to the rest of the group.  I took a few of the girls to the bathroom. When we got back all the children had turned into Coyotes and were chasing a very large rabbit named Ruby!!  But then, oh no, they began to chase me toooooooo!!!  We ran, and ran and ran and ran until we ran right into circle time.

In circle we sang our songs, gave gratitude for all the water we have, washed our hands and then received a fine snack of Ginger bread men cookies!  We then had a beautiful story about how a dear little girl had nothing but her dress, coat hat and a piece of bread to her name. She went to a town knowing that some good family would take her in. Instead, she wound up helping many people with their needs. When she wound up just being in her nakedness due to giving all she had away, The Angels from the Stars above came to keep her warm and protect her. One Angel stayed with her all the rest of her days and she never lacked for anything.

After circle the children played a bit and as they played and chased us and hid and were found they wound up in a circle where we learned how to make little nests for the birds with bird seed in them to hang for the birds.  We cut the apples in half and found the stars inside, then they were scooped out, a handle put on, the children put the seeds in and then brought them to a branch and hung them up.  It will be very fun to see if the birds or raccoons find them and eat them!

We went to lunch after this and then…. I went on a quiet adventure. There were soft little wool Angels that wanted to play Hide and Go Seek with the children. They wanted each child to find them and then take them home.  When I came back from, what the children thought was the bathroom, I told them my grand adventure of hearing the Angels singing and calling me over asking if I would invite the children over to hear their songs and find one for each one of them. The children were SOOOO Happy to do so. To get over there though we had quite the fun time with an imitation singing song that brought us all together, finding our wings and flying over to the forest where the Angels were waiting to be found.  All the children sweetly went into the forest and found their own special angel.

What was so very, very delightful for Ruby and I was that there was one Angel that we thought was perfect for Ellie Acorn, and, THAT was the EXACT one that she found.  The children were so very happy and then we flew all the way back to the bus!

In the bus the children had their stuffed animals meet their Angels.  They got into their seats quickly and we had our good bye song and gratitudes.   On the way back they started to get a bit loud so Ruby and I came right in with ..when the green grass grows all around all around and the green grass grows all around song with many creative parts to it. The children added their voices and ideas to this song. It then went into another version of this.  We carried on with many different songs and with such grand delight.  We were getting all filled with large exuberance so when we got back and before getting out we took two of our cleansing breaths, and let our Angels know that they will soon be meeting more people of their new families. The children came out with glee. Each with their own soft and beautiful Angels.

There were a few fun moments during the day that were so wonderful. Ruby and I both wanted to share them with you, though being there would have been best to witness. I will do my best here to share what transpired.

Violet and Eamon were having a challenge over a stick.  Eamon was using it for something on the ground and Violet picked it up for her uses.  They tussled a bit about this. I came over to see if I could help but Ellie Erickson came in and with a soft, kind voice and words of great help and support she facilitated them figuring this out!  Not long after that Violet and this same Ellie were having a hard time and Ashley with a kind, warm and encouraging, helpful voice aided Ellie in relaxing with the struggles she and Violet were having.  It was truly, truly, truly something to behold. Their skills were masterful!

Then, when the children were going to find the Angels they were all invited to fly over. I led the way flying, flying and ALL the children put their wings on and with utter joy flew over.  Ruby was in the rear with Ellie Muenzen. Ellie looked at her and said “Ruby you have to fly over” or something actually far grander than that but I no longer remember the exact words.  Ruby realized the importance of this! put on her wings and the two of them flew all the way over to the forest together. Ellie was quiet happy and filled with large smiles over this.

What a wonderfilled day it was.

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    • Wendolyn
      Wendolyn says:

      I just found this Sarah. You are very welcome. It was such a treat to see their absolute awe, wonder and marvel over the magick of it all!!


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